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We recently developed a computer automated RF test station for one of our customers, along with computer automated test software. The computer automated RF test station, shown at right, contains the flexibility to test 4 different RF and RF/Digital modules. The automated test software was developed using LabVIEW, and uses RFSepcTest to perform all RF tests and to perform the test station calibration.

The test station contains the following features:

  • An internal FPGA card, which can be programmed to provide various module digital I/O structures, using commands from the computer serial port
  • Internal RF/microwave switches, set up to switch up to 4 RF inputs and up to 10 RF outputs, controlled from the computer
  • An internal 48 channel relay board, which can be used to switch signals to the Multimeter to measure DC connector resistances to ground, and monitor DC voltages being applied to the modules
  • Push-on SMA connectors for quick module test setup
  • All tests can be performed without any manual intervention after the module is hooked up
  • Easy slide on test fixture for quick DUT installation and removal
  • Internal power supplies to provide power for the internal components

A block diagram of the Automated RF Test Station is shown below:

A quick summary of the test performed by the Automated RF Test Station:
  • Check for specified resistance from power supply voltages to ground, or between power supplies
  • Check for correct voltages at voltage regulator outputs
  • Monitor DC current for each voltage
  • Load FPGA code
  • Check FPGA registers
  • Measure RF frequency, amplitude of RF signals*
  • Measure spurious products of RF signals*
  • Validate attenuator controls and functions*
  • Measure RF switch and RF path isolations*
  • Validate filter rejections *
  • Measure gain from RF inputs to RF outputs*
  • Measure two-tone intermodulation products of RF paths*
  • Measure input/output 1 dB gain compression of RF paths*
  • Calibrate RF input and RF output cabling and losses to power meter accuracy*
  • Check for PLL lock and unlock BIT
  • Read on board temperature sensors

* Tests that are performed with RFSpecTest

We provided 14 of these test stations to our customer.

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