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Electronics Support Switching Unit (ESSU)

R. A. Wood Associates designed, built, tested, and delivered 2 Electronics Support Switching Units (ESSU) to one of our customers. This was another set of hardware slated to to be installed on a Navy Vessel. The ESSU was designed to be installed between the front end (Antennas, RF ampliflification, switching, filtering) and back end (RF processing) of a complex RF/Microwave system. The purpose of the ESSU was to allow a second front end (RF Subsystem 2) to be switched into the same back end, to make use of the RF signal processing in the back end.

Functional Diagram of the ESSU

A functional diagram of the ESSU is shown below

ESSU Functional Diagram

Key Requirements

The ES Switch Unit (ESSU) is a HWCI that provides the switching interface between the RF Subsystem 1 and the RF Subsystem 2. The major requirements of the ESSU are as follows:

High Level Block Diagram

A block diagram of the ESSU is shown below

ESSU Block Diagram

Major Components

Some of the major components in the ESSU are as follows:

Mechanical Design

R. A. Wood Associates designed the mechanical assemblies using SolidWorks mechanical modeling program. The ESSU was a 2U rack-mountable assembly. Components were assembled to a center mounted RF plate. Cooling air was drawn in from front to back via rear mounted fans, and flowed across both sides of the RF plate.

ESSU Front View

ESSU Rear View

ESSU Front View 2

Automated RF Testing

An Acceptance Test Procedure (ATP) was developed, submitted, and approved by the Navy. A formal acceptance test was witnessed and passed all specifications. We used our automated RF testing software (RFSpecTest and Painless Extraction) to speed up the testing process so the ESSU could be fully tested, summarized and completed in 1 day.

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