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R. A. Wood Associates Software Registration Form

If you would like to register your software, and you do not want to make your payment through PayPal, you have two options:

  1. Please fill out the form below and submit it to us
  2. E-mail or Fax us the User Name and Registration Key

When we receive the information, we will call you to receive your payment (through credit card or company purchase order). After we have confirmed payment, we will provide the Registration Number to unlock the software to enable all features. Please remember to include your E-mail address and other contact information in your correspondence.

Our Privacy Policy

We believe in protecting the privacy of our customers. The information requested below will be used only by R. A. Wood Associates to inform you of software bugs and updates relating to our software programs or our services. The address information you send us will not be made available to any other company or organization.

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Painless Extraction
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RF Path Analysis Toolkit
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