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TunerHelper Overview

TunerHelper aids in the design of a receiver or transmitter frequency conversion scheme by providing a user friendly interface for analysis. Specify the input pre-selection filter requirements, the mixer spurious requirements, the leakage requirements, and the output post-selection filter requirements to view the signals and spurious products in your design. The program allows the user to determine all output signal and spurious products for any input frequency and amplitude. All filter and mixer parameters may be saved to files for use in other conversion schemes.

Current Program Features

Select, analyze, and view spurious products for any order up to order 20R X 20L.

Define pre-selection Filter Interface

Define Mixer Interface

Define post-selection Filter Interface

View Spurious Responses for:

Adjust the signal amplitude and frequency to view the resulting output signals and spurious products.

Data and parameters from TunerHelper may be automatically transferred to SpurFinder.

Screenshots and Examples

Pricing and Trial Information

Download TunerHelper now for a free trial version. This trial version has all features available to the user except for the following limitation:

The full version is available for purchase for $129.99 (US Dollars). Buy now to unlock all program features.

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