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Tom, A Storage Man, says:
"I grew up in Ithaca, on the banks of Fall Creek. Landlocked Salmon, Rainbow and Brown Trout and Smallmouth Bass literally out the back door, a stone's throw from Cayuga Lake. There's three things any true UpStater misses: Fall Foliage -- Cannot be beat anywhere. Maple Syrup Season in March.Water. Real water. No reservoirs."
Sandy G., A Sales Professional, says:
"I love the four seasons (even the snow), the food, the mountains and the people. There is so much history you can never know too much about the area. I love the old houses and the close proximity to Canada. I moved from Buffalo in 1980. I am in the process of moving my husband, two kids and dogs back home. Can't wait to get back there."
Andrea, On Upstate NewYork, says:
"Where do you begin when trying to describe "Upstate New York?". I was born and raised in the United Kingdom and I have only been here for 5 1/2 years, and I can honestly say this has to be "Gods Country" where else can you find four defined seasons, animals in all shapes and sizes not to mention the birds! Small things like Memorial Day parades, Fairs-on-the-square in the hazy lazy summer evenings, Harvest Festivals, fireflys, hummingbirds, nature walks, snow-mobiling, golf are all things that people for granted...I won't."
Ron C., A Student, says:
"I live in a second house in a village upstate of approximately 50 houses; unfortunately only for the summer. It’s in the Shawangunk range, near High Falls and Mohonk. Going upstate is the best part of my life. Upstate is the perfect setting and it has the most superlative people I ever met."
There's No Place Like Home
"My husband and I both grew up in Upstate NY. I was in LaFayette and he was in Geneva. We met at Onondaga Community College where we were both lifeguards. After getting married we felt like we needed a change. We moved to Portland Oregon where we lived for 9 years. We really enjoyed the Pacific NW and it is all that it says it is. But we really missed our families and we have two camps on Seneca Lake and in the Adirondacks that we could not visit. When we had our first daughter we decided to move back East to be closer to family. Both of my sisters live in Raleigh, NC so that is where we relocated 3 years ago. As for the work industry for us we had no problem finding work. Yet, we longed to be back in NY. After all we came home to be closer to family and we are still 10 hours away. We are in the process of trying to save up enough money so we can move back to Upstate NY and maybe relocate to the Ithaca area. After all what is Christmas without snow? I want my daughters to experience the cold crisp winters, the musty dirt smell of spring, the wonderful warm non humid summer days, the cold crisp smell of Fall, and the first snow fall of the season. When you are growing up you do not appreciate what you have until it is gone. I am ready to come home. My husband and I no matter where we live will always be New Yorkers."
Native UpStater (Now In NJ)
"Southwick Beach State Park, Henderson NY,Though I spent the first 26 years of my life in a small town just south of Syracuse, I did not discover this 'gem' on Lake Ontario until two years ago. My parents both graduated from SUNY Oswego and are avid campers and have never heard of it. I was looking for a place to camp on the way to Canada and ventured to this beautiful state park because I spotted it on a map. I now come to Southwick Beach to camp on the beautiful beach (they have 16 or so beach sites that are placed just beyond the dune grass). You can fall asleep to the sound of the gentle waves washing ashore. I live at the New Jersey Shore and can't camp near the beach! Have I mentioned the breathtaking sunsets over Lake Ontario? The sites are so desirable that you have to enter a lottery in order to 'win' the opportunity to reserve a site for 1 week from Memorial Day through Labor Day. But - if you go in September or early October, you can get one of the beach loop sites without much trouble and stay a night or Two. It is something every 'tenter' should experience!"
Ron, In Central Valley,California, says:
"I miss the change of seasons, the cloudy days and rain... I miss the ethnicity of wonderful Italians, Polish, Germans and the food they purvey...... I miss closeness to New York City and I miss my family..."
Amy, A Legal Assistant, says:
"Well, I wouldn't know where to begin! My husband's job took us to UpState NY from 1999-2001. Being a Florida/South Alabama girl my whole life, I was terrified about relocating. We moved to the Utica/Rome area, (Whitesboro, Clinton) - it was the best experience of our lives. We've been back in Dothan, Alabama for almost 2 years now and we still talk about how much we miss it. The changing of the seasons, I think, would have to be my favorite. The colors in October will take your breath away. Oh, the photos I have! Even the snowfall was wonderful. Now I know the real meaning of a "white Christmas". I can assure you, the folks we met and friends we made were the greatest people in the world! I learned to drive in the snow, shovel the snow, stay out of the way of snow-plow trucks, and learned all about the "survival kit" you place in your trunk during winter. My husband, Jack & I will always have the best of memories and now we say those 2 years were the best years of our marriage. I highly recommend to those who have never experienced UpState NY and the Adirondacks - to make the visit, especially when the leaves are changing. It will be a memory that will stay with you forever. WE LOVE YOU UPSTATE NY!!!"
A Lady from CT., says:
"I Love Upstate NY for the land and the country is so beautiful. I am from Ct, moved here in 1971 to Greene and now living near Norwich. I love the wide open spaces and the beautiful scenery."
Jeff, A System's Administrator, says:
"Sitting in a bar in my nowadays home of Tulsa OK. watching the baseball playoffs, a fellow asked me if I liked baseball. I told him that I was born in Cooperstown!"
Living in Missouri
"Upstate New York has some of the finest people in the world residing there. It has all four seasons of the year with distinctive differences between each. People still help one another out as a favor. Upstate New York has some of the most beautiful, rolling hills in the country. The autumn display of the forest splendor is fabulous. The outdoor activities abound; hunting, fishing, skiing, hiking, camping, summertime baseball and softball, etc. The area still hosts festivals that are an invitation to all. Some of the finest home style cooking found anywhere is part of dining experience in the regions of Upstate New York is. All in all, once you’ve lived there, there is nowhere else like it in the world."
A Book Dealer/Journalist, says:
"How nice to stumble across a web site celebrating Upstate. I have lived outside NY for the past 30 years but still enjoy visiting and reminiscing -- especially Albany, my hometown region, and Syracuse University, my A. Mater. I was born in Gloversville but raised in Canaan, in Columbia County on the Mass. border -- very rural and picturesque. My journalism career started at the old Knickerbocker News in Albany (long ago merged with the Times Union)-- during college I worked there summers as a copy boy and reporter. Later worked for AP in Albany and Buffalo before moving to Mass. and later RI and now Florida. I maintain a few ties with NY by reading and collecting William Kennedy books, monitoring Albany memorabilia on eBay, reading SU alumni news and occasionally going to the races at Saratoga. Several relatives are still living in the Albany area. Currently I'm a business reporter in Daytona Beach and operator of an Internet book store, KingChamp Books."
A TV producer in Phoenix, says:
"I lived in Ilion until I was twelve. The Mohawk Valley is still a beautiful and even magical place. Growing up in a town with no locks on the doors, bikes left in the front yard, year-round sports us kids would organize ourselves, playing in the woods, Steele Creek, Hunt's Field, and Russel Park. What a great childhood I had! I've been here in AZ for more than 30 years, but whenever I get the chance I visit upstate and the Mohawk Valley. It is still as friendly and welcoming and beautiful as ever."
Steve V, says:
"I've traveled the continental us and pq,on,al,bc of canada.I've spent time away from the tughill/adirondack foothill region in both my career and the military.Ive been in florida for 4 months for the work.The sun and beach are OK, but it pales in comparison to the beauty of UpState NY. What do I miss about NYS? Everything, I miss it a lot.The peace and tranquility. The rivers, lakes,hills, mountains, woods. Spring, summer, winter, fall. Its hard to beat. From the pristine vista of a snow covered landscape after a lake effect, to hearing the first robin, to the fireworks in Old Forge on the fourth, to the beautiful colors of the leaves on an indian summer day....downhill skiing, snowmobiling, watercross, fishing, hunting, camping, campfires, spending time with family and friends...GOD I'M HOMESICK!!"
Cobleskill Memories
"I have lived there most of my life. I went to Ryder Elementary School and Aker D Aker Middle School And Cobleskill High School from 1965-1977 I miss my classmates that I used to go to school with I lived in Howe Caves N.Y we live 12 miles from Cobleskill. We had a 7-10 mile driveway. I remember the old Post Office on top the hill along with the old Alice Restraunt and Country store we had to walk up to the Post office sometimes 2 twice daily if morning mail didn't come in we had to go in the afternoon. I remember where we lived we had the creek to go swimming in or we go fishing by the big rock down by our house or take the boat out. We always had something interesting to do. Helped plant my mothers garden, watered it and watched the plants grow. We had to help take care animals feed them and sometimes we had to go chasing after them when they decided to wander off on the hill on route seven. But then again I did have some great memories as well I used to go see my childhood sweetheart M. Warner we used to have a lot to do.I used to cross the creek and made sure I walked carefully so I wouldn't slip and fall on the slippery rocks that may have algae on it or walk in the seaweed and have a crayfish swim by your feet and nip at your toes. I also went over to my girlfriend's house, K. Spenellow and have fun doing stuff at her house playing and going swimming in her pool. The Best part of all is when winter came and we got snow that when we went tobogganing and taken our sled out. Having a White Christmas and having our Christmas tree decorated and the lights on the house would glow across route 7 where he lived in the brown house across the creek."
Sue, A Registered Nurse, says:
"I was born and raised in Oswego, and still live here. I have lived briefly in Syracuse, and went to college in Albany. I have traveled extensively throughout the country, and still love Oswego and Upstate NY. Oswego Speedway, Rudy's, Oswego Sub Shop, Hoffman Hot dogs and the wonderful changing seasons are like no where else that I have ever been. To experience the autumn in the Adirondacks, with the awesome explosion of colors is something that can't be captured accurately, even with the most professional camera equipment. Winter in the Tug Hill Plateau area, Summer along Lake Ontario's shore and Spring anywhere in this area is something that you have to experience at least once in your life. I wouldn't change living here for anything!"
Betty, says:
"I moved to UpState NY three years ago. Originally from Northern CA. I fell in love with Up State NY. The historical towns and villages are like stepping backward into a forgotten era. Each season holds it's own beauty and makes you stop and take a look around and appreciate what nature really is. The people seem to be "a simple people" with love of life, home, family and friends and with all the stress in our American lives these days, they are still able to smile, nod, or wave and even say "hello, how are you today?" There is always something new to be discovered here. There is a sense of Peace and happiness here. I feel as though I have come HOME!"
ufos and the paranormal
"All around NY State, is just awesome, sunsets,and trail hiking, but what it comes down to for me would be all the high altitude ufo activity in the Lower Hudson Valley."
"The German", says:
"It's been six long years but I'll soon be returning to up-state NY. After seeing the world from Korea, Germany, Holland, Italy, Kuwait, Jordan and everything in between El Paso and Denver... Nothing compares to a hike up the gorge trail at Fillmore Glen State Park. There are a lot of enchanting place's in the world, but the spell that lasts is the one that's cast in Owasco Valley."
Terri P., A Furniture Administrative Assistant, says:
"Born and raised in Hannibal, NY! Nothing compares to P&C subs, WEGMAN'S, pizza at Bou quest, Hoffmann franks/Heid's, haddock sandwichs and oh my goodness the cheese! A farmer a the farmers market in Syracuse makes the best 5x white sharp cheese! Christmas is not christmas without snow. The trees changing color and the quiet streets in the country. I grew up having your closest neighbor 1/2 to 1 mile down the road! What an excellent place to live, I would definitely move back!"
B.Lear, says:
"The best part about being born and raised in Upstate NY is the down home feeling of knowing your neighbors. Everyone reaches out to help one another and a stranger is easily identified. I adore the fact that a hot summer day can be enjoyed on any of the many lakes and the wildlife is still a vibrant and healthy part of our every day lives. For me living in Upstate NY is the very reason for the word home!"
Jess from Long Island, says:
"I was born, raised, and still live on Long Island, but I visit friends in Orange County frequently. Living on Long Island my whole life, UpState NY was almost something of a legend to me. As an undergrad geology student at SUNY Stony Brook I took a field trip up to Kingston in Ulster County, followed some years later by a professional meeting in Saratoga Springs. It is like a different world upstate. Long Island has its perks, but visiting UpState NY was a great opportunity to discover something new and wonderful. I will be attending another professional meeting in the Fall in Saratoga and Lake George. I cannot wait to visit the Adirondacks!"
A Jefferson Technical Center student, says:
"The one thing I like about Upstate New York is that its quiet, the nature is great, the creeks, and knowing where the Mohawk River starts is a great thing for me. I never thought that the Mohawk River would start in a little place called West Lyden NY. It's a small community where everyone knows everyone. Knowing people there is a wonderful thing. I live here in Sackets Harbor where the battle of 1812 was held."
Megan, A 7th Grade Student, says:
"I've lived in Canandaigua all my life and every day I'm in awe of the beautiful lake that we live so close to."
Erich, A Trust Securities Processor, says:
"I always enjoyed the trip to my friend's in Scottsville, NY. I sure miss the feeling of relaxation when visiting UpState NY. I agree with all the comments about the finger lakes as there is no best place to enjoy. My favorite is the country store in North Cohocton and I always get the yummy cheese there. I make a goal to go up in October to enjoy the fall foliage and grape pies in Naples. People think I am crazy to visit there when I can go to exotic places like the Bahmammas or Hawaii but Finger Lakes is my favorite place and cheaper too and has all what I look for. I will never get tired of it and when I retire I want to live in the Finger Lakes and one town I like a lot is Cheshire. Quiet beautiful village out of nowhere where time stop. I love the website!"
A New York City Resident, says:
"I love the fresh air, the friendly people and the mountains that surround the towns. I always loved up there that I am at the point where I am going to move my family upstate.My kids agree. Every summer we take trips to Lake George. Now it is 2004, Here we come Upstate NewYork!"
Shelley, A homesick writer, says:
"Upstate New York is HOME, no matter what! I grew up in the Lyons Falls, Boonville area and left when I went to Alaska to get married. I've lived in several other states (and even Guam, for 2 years!) and live in Southeast Kansas now -- but I am DEFINITELY an Upstater!!! I went back up, to introduce my husband and 13 year old daughter to Upstate last Spring -- I hadn't been home in 14 years! It was unbelievable how wonderful it felt to see the landscape that I've missed so much!"
Kristina, In The Army, From North Carolina,, says:
"I miss Walton NY! I miss my family on Woodland Road and our family maple syrup. I miss the long cold winters, friendly people and the Delaware County Fair where I use to have a ball as a teenager."
Tracey Shaw, an elementary School teacher, says"
"I grew up in Syracuse, went to graduate school in Albany, lived in Saratoga Springs, met my husband in Glens Falls, he is from Lake George and we lived in Vermont for a year. We relocated 2 years ago to Raleigh North Carolina, although it is beautiful here, I really miss UpState!!! We are looking for a job for my husband so that we can move back!!! I think we are looking at Plattsburgh because it is so beautiful, close to both our homes, and the wonderful Adirondacks!! I miss the apple orchards, Lake Ontario, Onondaga Lake for roller blading and picnics, I miss Heids hot dogs in Liverpool, the SU hill, the Dome and the Orangemen, Skaneatlas Lake for boating, Tully for horseback riding, and of course WEGMANS!! There is no grocery store anywhere like Wegmans and I even miss the cold, the crisp cold, fluffy snow, snow-ins and truly all four seasons!! I can't help it, I am a northeast girl!!

I used to be an OSHA inspector and I have lived ALL over NY State and in the Northeast, and nothing beats UpState NY.

I used to complain about the winters and now I wish I was back home, I may even like the snow storms this time, but I know I miss my family and friends, I am a NEW YORKER and proud of it!!"
Hatter says:
"I couldn't believe it when I came across this web page. How homesick it made me. I live in Ca. for the past 28 years. But I grew up in the small town of Wolcott. In the summer you have the wonderful smell of the wildflowers. The green grass just covers the rolling hills and the trees. The winter is the most beautiful time. The first fall of the fresh snow making everything look so perfect. There was always something to do ice skating, sliding. The people are so friendly. It was just a great place to grow up at. I've been thinking it's a great place to go back to and grow old at. You can't beat a small town, good friends, 4 beautiful seasons. Anyone from the class of 74 North Rose-Wolcott email me take care"
Native New Yorker who still lives here, says:
"I don't just like Upstate New York I Love Upstate New York! Our country is some of the most beautiful. The vast space and openness allows you to cherish country life. I live in Livingston county in the heart of western New York and Letchworth State Park is one of my favorite places to be. I love the town I live in. We're the heart of the county and have one of the best colleges in the country. (SUNY Geneseo) Geneseo New York is my hometown and it offers beauty, entertainment, culture, and relaxation. Upstate in general is a great place to live and shows theirs more to New York then the City! I love being able to say I'm from a place so great and I will live here when I start a family and have children in the years to come."
Patty says:
"I love Upstate NY, I've been going to NY since I was a little kid, but I just went Upstate a couple weeks ago, and I absolutely loved it. I plan to move there very soon, it was so beautiful there, I can't wait to move there with my kids so they can see how beautiful it is there also. The people were nice, the area was nice, and most of all Upstate NY is just a very beautiful place. I just know that when I move there my kids are gonna love it just like I do."
An inside sales manager in the Detroit area, says:
"Born in Syracuse, and raised in the western and northern areas around the city, it is often difficult to express the beauty, wholesomeness, and history of the area to those who have never visited or lived in UpState NY. Ah the memories... who can forget the apple orchards, dairy farms, rolling countryside, crisp autumns, snowfalls starting on Columbus Day, the best sledding, and the mouthwatering smell of Italian sausage and peppers in the NY State Fair midway at dusk? People from Michigan may brag about "Up North" Michigan, but it pales in comparison to "UpState" NY. Let's hear from you other UpState New Yorkers!"
Marybeth , utterly homesick for 20 years!, says:
"It would be quicker to say what I DON'T like about "upstate"...NOTHING! I miss family/friends, the seasons changing & the challenges they bring, the smells, the feeling of community, the geography, the taste of fresh grapes picked from the vine, swimming in the clear cool waters of Keuka Lake, snow skiing, riding horses on endless trails, the first snows, Indian summers, roasted corn on the cob on Labor Day, the Festival of Lights, hometown parades,etc., etc., etc. My husband & I are making a trip up shortly to look for property for our "retirement". Neither of us like the Florida summers (me I don't like any of it!) so hopefully I'll be "back home" for at least part of the year! I LOVE NY does not mean just NYC!!! There is soooo much more!"
Utica Pizza and Pastries: A homemaker, says:
"The thing that I miss is being able to hop in my car and get a pizza from O'scugnizzo and pick up some pastries from Florentine for dessert. While on-line one day I discovered under Utica pizza that O'scugnizzo deliver right to my door anywhere in the U.S. and they have also included pastries on their menu. I love being able to still have a taste of Utica right at my doorstep."
The most diverse state. The "Empire " State, a driving school owner, says:
"I love standing at the shores of the lighthouse on Montauk Pt., feeling at peace and mellow. I love ridding a snowmobile in Malone. Feeling so all alone. Looking at the thermometer, it's 20 bellow ! I love cruising in my boat on the majestic Hudson. I love living in a community where we never lock our door yet, only 30 minutes from the Pepsi Arena and Cheer's farewell tour. The Adirondack Mts., The Catskill Mts, Atlantic ocean , New York City, Yankee stadium, The greatest museums, parks performing arts and ethnic neighborhoods. The diverse foods and cultures. You can get this and much more only one place New York. Those of you that left New York for business reasons not by choice , know how I feel. Thank the lord I was able to return recently and will never move again. The Empire State."
S. T. says:
"I lived in Brooklyn, NY all my life and moved to Staten Island the last 5 years. My brother-in-law took my family to Upstate to his summer home. I loved it. His beautiful property is what peace and quiet is. I love the different stores and events going on I now have a baby girl and I will take her up there for many visits. I also bought my own property and will build a home there and hopefully my daughter will also love Upstate NY. People Upstate seem to be more easy to get along with, I made many friends Upstate."
Andrez says:
"Being from the Atlanta Metropolitan area south of the City of Atlanta, I am by heart a lover of rural areas. After joining the Army and being assigned to the Fort Drum area, I thought I was leaving the country setting I had seen all my life for the big time cities of Upstate New York. Most people from down south think all of New York state is like New York City for some odd reason.
Well I was really surprised by the beauty of the Mountain and Hill regions of Upstate New York. Also in the winter time in the Watertown area the beauty of the landscape is just wonderful. The streams, rivers, and lakes are things that are very tranquil to a person of such a high stress job such as a military soldier. People wonder how I was able to be at peace being so far from family and friends. I found my peace in the natural beauty of the Upstate region. It's amazing because while living in New York state I only visited NYC only a couple of times. I enjoyed the drive down I-87 and West Point Military Academy is in a beautiful location also. Of all places I traveled across the U.S. the UPSTATE REGION of New York was the best I have ever seen. I love to come back and pass through NYC just to see the variations of the lifestyles only hours apart."
Mike from Coconut Creek says:
"I like the peace and quiet of the trees and grass, but the noise of the birds and crickets put me to sleep. It was almost like a shangale. The opportunity to hike into the woods at any given time or sitting in the shade of a big oak tree. Feeling the cool breeze from the mountains rush across your face. There's nothing else better in the world for me."
Pocono's of PA. says:
"Brookfield, New York! ('bout 15-20 min from Hamilton). I miss the people, the farms, the fields, the views. How in Brookfield in the winter you have the gigantic snowbanks on each side of the road to slide into--Gently--in the winter.
Everyone knows you-everywhere you go-you know somebody there. Neighbors watch out for you..they will stop and help. You drive down the road and every person in every car will wave to you..You don't have to lock your house, you know all the neighbors (and their kids), friends will stop in for a cup of coffee and a hello. You can walk safely anywhere. Best people, soil, and water-wished I could have raised my son there! I miss you--Brookfield!!"
Mike, a sound editor in Los Angeles from Potsdam, says:
"Although I love the weather in California, I really miss the fall season. That has always been my favorite when there is a slight chill in the air and the leaves are changing. I also loved those days when we would get "Indian Summer"; I miss the fresh air and how easy going things are."
CPT says:
"I went to school in the Western part of the state and when I was hired by the State of New York I worked near NYC and also up near Watertown, NY. So I have experienced all parts of the state and I can honestly say that living in central New York is the best. You are not far from major cities such as Syracuse and Albany, but still far enough away to have a small town atmosphere. I love the outdoors, hunting and fishing. It doesn't get any better than upstate New York. Especially Herkimer county. I love New York...."
Brendan from Olean, says:
"I'm a college student in Indiana, born and raised in Olean, New York, which is south of Buffalo. Words can honestly not describe how absolutely beautiful a region UpState New York is. When I drive home from school, over the PA border, I can just feel the specialness and see the beauty as soon as I enter New York. I am definitely returning to UpState New York to live and work. Combine the beauty, historical small towns, and friendly people, and you have the best place in the world! Nowhere else is even close!"
One Happy Pollywogg from Belmont, says:
"Pollywogg Holler named for the serenade of frogs that fills the evening air. The genius of nature and man are showcased in a setting of spectacular beauty Adirondack-style craftsmanship, solar electricity, organic gardening and gravity fed spring water."
Mike from Wichita, says:
"I was born and raised in the Utica area, (Utica, Clinton, Bridgewater, West Winfield), until I joined the U.S. Air Force at which time I was transferred to Wichita, Kansas. Upon my discharge, I decided to stay in Kansas and have had a wonderful career in Law Enforcement for the past 24 years, and have only had a few occasions to return. I miss the beautiful outdoors of up-state New York. The tree covered hills and mountains, the autumn foliage, the winter snows, the cool summer nights, etc. I specially miss Franco's Pizza, the Florentine Bakery, the Utica Club Brewery.....I could go on for ever!"
An UpStater at Heart, says:
"The village of Moravia, New York, with its beautiful St. Matthew's Episcopal Church full of carvings done by a German woodcarver from Oberammagau, and the beautiful Fillmore Glen State Park. Centrally isolated and awesome! Friendly people, an island of sanity in a crazy world, where everyone knows their business--and yours! New York MacIntosh apples, fall colors, wonderful winters that force you to slow down. Hometown parades on Memorial Day, local fairs in the summer, pick your own orchards (Grisamore's in Locke is the best!) and the cider from Cornell's Orchard store."
Missing Upstate New York, a researcher in the aviation industry, says:
"My family moved from Oriskany New York to Georgetown Texas just north of Austin in March of 2002 as my job relocated me. It's only November and I no longer work for them and I am DYING to get back home. Call me crazy but I will take the bone chilling cold days of winter in the Utica-Rome area over the 70 degree temps in Texas any day. Georgetown is nice as well are the people, but there is no place like home. It's where family is, the best food (Dino's sausage, raspberry sherbert (strawberry here) and Heluva Onion Dip, you miss the little things the most. If all works out well we'll be back before you know it, I can't think of a better place to be!"
Canajoharie, says:
"The Eastern Mohawk Valley, namely Canajoharie. It has so much to offer if people would come. Wintergreen Park, a wonderful public library with original Homer paintings, small shops, nice places to stay, golf, and most importantly...Accessabilty. You can get to Cooperstown, the Adirondacks (deep), Albany and other urban areas within an hour, yet stay in a Federal style B&B and dine at Saltsman's Hotel in a family style setting. Come during the summer and watch one of the "Summer Music Series" performers at the new riverfront park, or stop in for a beer at one of the areas pubs when passing through"
l love UPstate New York!
"UPstate New York has the best of everything. I have traveled the world and find Saugerties, NY to be the new and UP-coming area. Saugerties has a pioneering entrepreneurial spirit, beautiful nature trails with antique lighthouse on the Hudson, friendly people, fine dining, art galleries, antique centers and business opportunity.
The Village of Saugerties has many historic structures awaiting restoration or enjoyment. A fabulous Horse Show, HITS has started its plans to develop a huge equestrian center with Olympics on its mind! Woodstock is 8 miles away. If you desire mass shopping, Kingston is a short 10 minute drive and ALL the shopping centers that a commercial shopper would want. NYC is also a short 90 mile drive away. One can also kick up their heels and enjoy a train ride from Rhinebeck to Penn Station and take on the theatre.
I love UPstate New York because of its diversity, culture, people, and its location to IT ALL!"
The unhappy transplant
"When I was 3 my parents transplanted me from Rochester. The only thing that kept me sane was summer visits to Edwards and Trout Lake, New York in the foot-hills of the Adirondacks. It is so calming and beautiful there. I haven't gone in a while, but now that I'm married my husband promised we could visit next summer. He's in for a big suprise . . . he's never been there! It is sure to take his breath away."
A temporary Rochesterian
"I tend to move around a bit. I have lived in Boston, in Montreal, in Virginia, in Honolulu, in Chapel Hill, and most recently in Rochester. I just left it a year ago. I think I have enjoyed my time (4 years) spent in Rochester the most of all. Such a nice, affordable city, with lots on interesting things to do. Loved picking apples. Loved going to Ontario Beach Park's Carosel. Loved all of the summer festivals. And the fall foliage was superb. And all that snow was fun for my kids. The Strong Museum is an undiscovered jewel. And of course, I loved Wegmans (I miss that most of all!) "
"Upstate New York is my home, even when I'm away...maple syrup, the Buffalo Bills; fish-fries and autumn leaves on a par with any in New England...walleyes and chicken wings, bonfires; Lake effect snows and the most beautiful women on the planet!"
Good old days!!!
"It's kind of funny how your whole life you can't wait to get out of your small town..(Williamson, east of Rochester)..but when you finally get up out of there all you can think about is going back..there is nothing like sitting on the dock and watching the sun set over the lake..or putting all your warmest clothes on and going outside to play in the snow..or taking walks in the spring and watching everything come to life again..or the warm summer night when you can lay in the hammock by the pool looking at the stars ...aww the good old days..someday I'll return."
Pimmy from Walden
"As a boy living 60 miles north of New York City, I spent my summers in Speculator (Moffitt Beach). There I met several wonderful folks, both other campers and residents of that quaint little villiage. Now as an adult I visit there whenever I can. I'm happy to say that my daughter, her husband and my 2 granddaughters have followed in my footsteps and camp at Moffitt Beach annually. Its a great way to spend a vacation, a great place in which to spend it and experiences shared there will never be forgotten. Hi to all you Moffitt Beachers from the 0s, 60s, 70s and 80s. We've probably met. If you recognize the name look me up in hotmail, I'm registered."
SSG Paul
"Being from Rome NY, I love the history. Ft Stanwix or Ft Schuyler, Oriskany and the other 4 Forts in Rome. The Mohawk Valley played an important role in the founding of this nation, both in the French & Indian war and Revolution. One of the Delegates to the 2nd Continental congress, and a signer of the Declaration of Independence was Wm Floyd, who lived just outside of Rome, in what is now Floyd, NY. I also love the change of seasons, and awesome fall foliage, and the Syracuse Orangemen! Also since I'm stationed at Ft Bragg, NC I REALLY miss Upstate NY. I live the slogan "I love NY". There is no better place in this world than Upstate New York!"
"My company relocated me from Chapel Hill, NC to Rochester, and I knew nothing about the place. I came to like summer weather that was warm, but usually not very hot; the pick-your-own orchards that surround the city, where you could get incredibly fresh and tasty apples for only 29c/lb; Ontario Beach Park's carousel, frozen custard; bike-riding along the Erie Canal; the Strong Museum; and of course, the one thing that everyone who has left the area really and truly misses: Wegmans."
"I was born in upstate new york and lived there for most of my life. I love to be there when ever I can. It is a very pretty state. I miss it with all my heart and hope to move back as soon as i can. There is always something to do right around the corner and you will never feel lonely because everyone seems like the perfect neighbor or friend."
"I am from the Geneseo area and moved to Phoenix 27 years ago, what I remember is the town fairs, running into friends and neighbors in the stores and restaurants, no traffic, basements, Peters sausages, Wise potato chips, snowmobiling, green grass, trees, good people most of all. I miss you New York!'
Citizen, Activist, Teacher
"I love upstate New York, because we are so close to everything. It is a hop-skip-jump to Vermont, Mass, NYC, Conn, etc... Our region is absolutley beautiful, forests, trails, other natural beauty is rich and exciting."
Dawn on the Burrel Road
"All one needs to do is hear the phrase UpState NY, and your mind is at once eased of stress. Memories of buttercups, daisies, milkweed, elm trees, autumn leaves, clear running creeks, green grass, smells of new mown hay, covered bridges, pine gum, blueberry patches, scenic rides and blue skies. The list is only limited by lack of space.Thoughts turn to faces, and you think of sister, nieces, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends.Their faces cause you to recall special spots that warm the heart. Places like Curtis Memorial chapel, and the family cemetery forces you to admit how short life really is."
"I was born in Syracuse, NY and left when I was 8 yrs old due to my fathers job transfer. A very sad day. With every vist back to see relatives, I am so envious of all my extended family still living there. I love the east coast - specifically upstate NY. I love the trees, the rocks -- sounds silly, but my memories of all the rocks in Chittenango Falls will stay with me forever, my Grandfathers land. It is beautiful upstate and brings joy to my heart every time I think of it."
Stay at home Mom
"I grew up in Clinton and currently live in Greensboro, NC. I would love to be back in upstate New York. The sense of community is amazing. I had incorrectly assumed that everyplace was like that. I miss the cool summer nights, the wonderful food, and being able to walk just about anywhere I wanted to go."
Moving back home
"Im looking forward to moving back home. My family and I moved away in 1993. Let me tell you; there's no place like home. The food is second to none and the folks like to laugh it up! I miss the Genesee valley and the Erie Canal, the orchards and yes,- even the winters. I'M coming home!"
I Love Utica
"I love UTICA and the Mohawk Valley. The people! Small town friendliness, everyone knows who you are. The beautiful seasons, the country landscapes, the lack of hustle and bustle and most of all the memories of growing up. Look your best, for you most certainly will run in to someone you know, even if you're just going to the grocery store for milk. Love and miss it with all my heart. Live in Manhattan and hope to retire in Utica. Wish I had never left."
Can't wait to move back to Upstate
"Upstate NY is a beautiful area to live-you're able to experience and appreciate the beauty of nature and the simple things in life--which society tends to disregard these days."
Buffalo Jim,
"The best thing is the PEOPLE living here! During snowstorms they go out of their way to assist anyone in distress, and that occurs quite often in Buffalo. Helpful, friendly neighbors everywhere you go. Week-end getaways to Grandmother's house in Utica, NY, where the famous "jelly buns" from Holland Farms on Oriskany Boulevard were a must-eat, as well as Voss' barbecue sandwiches. Thanks grandma, for all tose wonderful Easter and Christmas
times we spent with you!!!!"
Brooklyn, NY - Writer and Artist
"I am born and bred in Brooklyn, NY, a true-blue Brooklynite who loves upstate New York. My parents would take me up to Greene County in the Catskill Mts. for many summers when I was a child. I loved visiting farms and dairies and being in the midst of so much green! My dad would always say: "why bother traveling all over the world when we have upstate N.Y.?" I get emotional just hearing the word: "Adirondacks."
Hudson Valley Lover,
"I'm from rural, NC and my husband is from the Hudson Vally (at the foot of the Catskills). When we met, he told me where he was from looked like where I was from --- "yeah, right" was my reply. One trip to the Hudson Valley & the Catskill Mountains and I was in love with upstate New York."
I spent my summers '47, '48, '51, '52 and '53 in a summer camp near Duane, NY. As a kid from New York CIty, it was my first exposure to the great outdoors. The cold nights, with perfectly clear skies, were extraordinary. Climbing Mt. Dunbar was an experience I can't forget. Now, 54 years later, I am planning a trip with my 11 year old son to climb Mt. Marcy. UpState New York is a hidden treasure that too few know about.
Mr. T. W.,
I really enjoy the Saratoga Battlefields! There is a surreal feeling here and a sense of the humanistic gathering of men who were willing to die for their beliefs here! One can sense the feeling of the time. This was a crucial moment in our history which decided the future of upstate New York! What a feeling especially on a cold dreary day to look out over these battlefields and see where many men fought and died! I feel a strong connection here!
We love New York Wines,
I feel safe where I live, no earth quakes, freeky forest fires, hurricanes, seldom have tornados, alligators, sharks, avalanches and the crime rate here is pretty low. Sometimes I don't even lock my door. We have wonderful wines here too. 150 wineries so far and keeps on growing. It is nice here in the fall, the trees are so beautiful and farmers are out harvesting grapes and vegetables.The air is crip and clean.
Childhood memories,
I love the Catskill Mountains more than any other place I have ever lived. Being close to nature, beauty and being with the animals were heaven to me. I will be looking for prospects for work. I want to 'go home.
Professional Guide, never left, never will,
My family has traveled here before the Revolutionary War; the scouts turned to guides and we've been here ever since. I've traveled other places and can say without hesitation, that the Rockies are foothills, and the Alps are for children to climb! The Adirondacks are the marrow of the world and there is no finer place.
Home sick New Yorkers,
We have been in the USAF for 18 1/2 years. We miss the seasons the most, Fall in Upstate New York is like no other. I miss the walks in the woods in the winter. I miss the feeling of being safe. The small town friendliness.
I can only add my own area. I live in Mayfield, N.Y. Take Rt. 30 North to Wells, Speculator, Indian Lake, Blue Mt.Lake--Adirondack Museum, Long Lake,Tupper Lake then take Rt.3 to Saranac Lake or Rt. 30 to Malone. Another Rt. is take the Northway to Rt 73 into Keene Valley on into Lake Placid. Either trip I can promise you will never forget.
Philip B. from San Antonio,
We swam and rafted in the Ausable river and on Lake Champlain, skated and played hockey behind the school bus barn, got lost in the woods 1/2 mile from home, reveled in the average 8 feet of snow every winter and waited anxiously to hear the radio announce the magic words "School's closed", climbed Pocomoonshine every summer, marched in the Lake Placid Winter Festivals, raked leaves, and made memories to last a lifetime.
Aimy, NC - orig. from Horseheads, NY,
Changing of the leaves, the smell of fall and spring, the birds chirping, lilacs, daffodils, wild daisys, apples (Macintosh to eat, Northern Spy for the best applesauce & pies), White Sharp Cheddar Cheese (yellow doesn't cut it!), warm spring and fall days followed by cool evenings - the kind you need a light jacket/heavy sweater), driving to Niagara Falls, driving just to take a "Sunday Drive" (and finding a dirt road with grass in the middle), watching the Buffalo Bills without needing a satelite dish, Watkins Glen State Park, The Windmill near Penn Yan, passing the Mennoites with their horse and buggys, ALL of the Finger Lakes, Finger Lakes Racetrack, Saratoga in the summer, Vernon Downs, Jacque Cartier State Park (on the St. Lawrence), the familiarity of "home."
It is peaceful and quiet. That is what I like about upstate NY.
This month I went over 26 years in the service and have missed New York everyday I've been away. I truly miss it; from the rolling hills to the clear rivers, I miss it all.
Homesick Utican,
I love Utica and Upstate NY weather. That sounds odd to most people when you describe the below zero temps and summer humidity, but when you have actually lived in that environment you realize how lucky you are to have a change of seasons. The best time of year, for me, is Christmas in Utica, I love everything about it. There is nothing like heading south on Rt. 12 into the city and seeing all the lights in the city glistening through the falling snow, or cruising over the snow covered Parkway to view the decorated houses that line it.
25 year resident of Clinton New York,
Such a diverse little town with so much to offer culturally with the college, and the Kirkland Art Center. Not to mention great pizza from Alteri's, Hemstrought Bakeries' half moons, the Utica Zoo, the Root Glenn, and the breathtaking scenery.
There's something about the farmland, the rolling hills, and the friendly faces that call to me. The older I get, the more I want to leave the fast pace, noise and traffic. Not a day goes by that I don't think of the quiet beauty and simple ways of upstate, NY. I long for it, so much so that I'm buying my own little piece of paradise. Maybe I'll get to live my country dream after all!
I love to be able to go fish and see all the wild life that the area has. It is nice to be able to camp and share this with friends and family. If you ever feel free, it's when you are in the middle of the woods in UpState NY and the little villages.
Daydreaming in Anchorage, Alaska,
Explore quiet beaches and bluffs in the State wildlife management area. Take your atlas and drive along the roads near the shore, find old dirt roads to walk on through old farm fields with gnarled apple trees and birds on a hot, still summer day. Up the end of one road, watch the hawks from the bluff top, then walk the steep path down to a narrow gravel beach for a cool dip. Mellow - peaceful - beautiful.
Mark from N. Syracuse,
The area's highlights include: some of the nation's most beautiful landscape, clean water, the Adirondack mountains, the St. Larwrence River, the Finger Lakes, the smell of freshly baked bread at the Columbus bakery, the Dinousor BBQ, low crime rates, traffic is not a bear, Boston and NYC only a few hours away, and perhaps my most treasured aspect of Upstate New York.........home.
There is no place like upstate NY. You have to live it to understand. The air is cleaner and the water is fresh and the people are real and the natural beauty is breathtaking! We are on our way back to where we belong! I miss the fall and winter. I'll shovel snow and cut wood any day.
Rick dreaming of finer days,
An Adirondack Night Angels dot the black,black sky and time rolls back to the beginning. Silence lasts forever. Flames reflect off white birches and babbles stir the air. Still for me,how could this be? A paradise to share.
Gee, it's great to be back home
When I was young my dad used to take us on vacation to the Catskills. When it was time to head back to the city I used to throw a tantrum. I used to ask my father why don't you get a job upstate so we can all move. Jobs were not as abundant as they are now. I, on the other hand, made my dream come true. I am so glad and fortunate to have found jobs and same for my wife. I am so happy that my kids will grow up here.
Marcie: Potsddam native
I miss it so much and have a difficult time going through the daily routines here in the dry desert. I have 2 sons and know they have missed out on the 4 seasons and the small town atmosphere and generations of family. They have never seen the awesome foliage of upstate Falls. I am working to get there.Until I read all these testimonials about upstate NY, I thought I was just being silly and too nostalgic. I have decided that the financial security I have here will never make up for the intense loss and longing I have to just go home.
Coming from another country I couldn't have been happier with an area in the United States to go. New York is just wonderful at any time in the year- though my favorite is the summer time, you just can't top the huge amount of green you're surrounded by!!! People are so friendly here.I traveled quite a bit in the country but always looked forward to coming "home" to New York! The most beautiful place for me here is Ithaca; it's cultural diversity and great atmophere fascinated me from the beginning. Everybody should come here at least once.
Back Home
I just returned to Syracuse after 10 years. We chose Cazenovia for it's small town charm, have been back about a month and never want to leave. We missed "smelling the mornings," the people and the landscape. It is amazing to rediscover an area with so much history. Just last night we took a ride and saw cows, horses, deer, bunnies and even a few frogs in a matter of ten minutes. We are so happy with our decision.
Transplanted native
My favorite place in the world is any lakeside in the Adirondack Park. I grew up in Whitesboro (near Utica) and miss the change of seasons, and summer trips to Woodgate (to Camp Nazareth on Little Long Lake). One cherished memory is of a canoe trip along the Fulton Chain of lakes, ending at Raquette Lake. We camped on an island in Raquette Lake, and early one misty morning we encountered a long wooden inboard boat rumbling its muscular way over the calm surface. That memory and many others from that canoe trip, I will never lose.
Jane Doe
I moved 15 years ago with the "grass is always greener" syndrome. BIG MISTAKE!!! Oswego....right on Lake Ontario was tremendous. You can't come to realize the seasons unless you actually live them. Everyone knows about the awesome Fall seasons in upstate, however, spring is great as well, everything in bloom....winter can be tough but watching the children play in the snow reminds you of your own childhood. The people in Oswego are wonderful, so caring of each other and for out-of-towners as well. I have spent the last 10 years trying to get back.......don't anyone else go until I get there first!!
The guy from Gainesville, Florida
I'm originally from Remsen NY and I loved knowing who my neighbors were and being able to go over and talk to them whenever! I miss the smell of Springtime in early April. I miss having someone stop to help when your car breaks down. I miss the feeling of community when you run the Boilermaker. I miss stopping in to the Hotel Moore or Fanatics for a Utica Club after a long day of work. I miss New York!!!!
Homesick!! Kiki, writes,
"Clean fresh air, good food, any type of "hill," cold air on my face, 4 seasons (to bring variety), September to make me want to buy school supplies and start a new school year, apple picking, fireplaces, hot chocolate, playing football in a sweatshirt on a cold Saturday morning, the first snow, birch trees, and a cool breeze through the trees that make the shadows from the sun dance on the ground!"
Once a small child in Adams Center, now a Navy Sailor, writes,
"I love that you know almost everyone in your town. People are friendly and the education is great. I love the seasons that Upstate NY has. The leaves in the fall are one of the prettiest things I've ever seen. Sailing half way across the world is great, but the feeling you get when you cross that state line and you know your heading home is amazing. I get chills every time I get off my exit. I love my state. I love Upstate."
West Canada Lakes, writes,
"When I was a mere 12 years old my older brother was a state forest ranger. I spent 2 summers back in there with him in this great country and we fished about every stream and pond and have camped out many times in so many different places.I can remember Brook Trout Lake, we would boat up to the north end of the lake, beach the boat, and walk to a lean-to with a huge rock in front of it.At that time in the early 60`s there was a home made raft in there and it was so water logged when we both got on it , it would sink about a foot under the water, the water was so clear in that lake you could see the bottom and the brook trout swimming. I have so many good memories of the times I spent back in that great place I could go on forever."
Orange County, CA, writes,
"My favorite place is the Grand Canyon of the East, Letchworth State Park! And I miss the festivals, especially the LILAC FESTIVAL, Park Ave Fest and Corn Hill."
Shannon from Texas, writes,
"The beauty alone is amazing, I miss the lakes and the hills, the distinct seasons, and all that nature! I love visiting and going for drives along the back country roads where there are no apartment buildings or paved parking lots, just occasional houses and lots of wildlife! But what I miss most are the people - a lot of the upstate communities are so welcoming! I miss going to the grocery store and knowing everyone and asking about their families and lives! And I loved not having to lock your car or your house."
Erin from Huntington, NY, writes,
"I grew up in Utica and live on Long Island now, and work in the City, but Utica will always be "home." The things I miss most about upstate and Utica are the beautiful autumns, the great Italian food in Utica, Hemstrought's chocolate chip cookies, the foliage in Old Forge, SU sports, being able to cut down my own Christmas tree in the North Country, Wegman's, Cavallo's wings, fresh Saranac beer, shopping in Clinton, Enchanted Forest Water Safari, all the summer Church festivals, Zebb's fantastic Caesar salads, and day trips to all the beautiful surrounding areas--Old Forge, Cooperstown, the Finger Lakes, and the Adirondacks."
Dallas from California, writes,
"Shall I tell you where my heart will always be? Woodbourne N.Y. The small hotel in the middle of a country road, The ringing of the big brass bell summoning all to delicious country cooking. The half mile walk through the sweetest aroma of hay, clover, and assorted flowers one could imagine into the little town in the Catskills, called Woodbourne. California has it's good points but my happiest and fondest memories are forever tucked in my heart Woodbourne will be with me always on RT.52."
Harry Layton from Palm Beach, FLA, writes,
"Every two years our family rents a house near Clayton on the St. Lawrence in July/Aug. The great food, beautiful scenery and nice people make it the perfect summer retreat. I hope to someday re-catch the massive 3 1/2 foot Pike that bit through my stringer and escaped. We named our dog "Clayton", so the area is never far from our thoughts!"
Sue from Fishers, NY, writes,
"Upstate New York has a wealth of trails available for hiking, dog walking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, bicycling, and bird watching."
Sam from Sleepy Hollow, writes,
"What I like most about upstate NY is the history and the natural beauty of the land that seems to have stood the test of time."
Elizabeth, writes,
"I love the atmosphere. I grew up in St. Louis and moved here when I was 21 years old. I love the people and the Catskills. The Mohonk reserve is beautiful. This area has everything you could want and then some."
An Upstate Native, writes,
"I am 22 years old and I grew up in a small town called Dexter, NY. I went to school downstate and have traveled all over the world. I have chosen to settle in Northern New York because of it's rich history and beautiful summers. I love it here."
Steve from Ilion, writes,
"I must admit that upstate has everything to offer. It is clean, good hard working people, the best Italian Food in the world, the changing seasons, Adirondack Mtns, crystal clear lakes, wild mountain streams and most of all a great place to raise your children. We never had to worry about locking our doors or all the other things that we took for granted in that wonderful small village. I will be returning to New York in about a year with my family and we are looking forward to it!! "
Wondering why I left, writes,
"I miss the friendly people that always made you feel like you were family. I miss walking down the street late at night and only hearing your footsteps and the snow hitting the ground. I miss places like Lou's Dari Creme in the summer and sliding down the hill behind Barringer Road School in the winter. I miss the first day of playing basketball outside in the spring, the snow would still be on the ground but at least the temperature was in the mid forties. I miss the pride you had living in your hometown. People who have written in have already explained the beauty, but what I miss most is the people of upstate New York. Hope to be back someday soon."
Mara, London, England, writes,
"I'm from Penfield, suburb of Rochester, and I just realized that I've never actually said that before. I live in London and in just
under three weeks I'm headed to Moscow. Usually when people ask where I'm from, I just say NY. They always think NYC and I usually leave it at that. But in the past few weeks, I've been getting so homesick, and can understand for the first time why my parents were always so proud to say ''Upstate'' NY. I miss sailing on Canandaigua Lake, cross-country skiing in the golf course behind my house, piling into the station wagon with all the neighborhood kids as a child to go get an ice cream cone; drinking ''pop''; playing kick-the-can; concorde grapes; Wegmans supermarket; ice skating at Ellison Park; the sounds of the birds and the insects at night outside my bedroom window and cold, winter nights when the snow never stopped falling."
Jennifer, St. Petersburg, FL, writes,
"I moved south mostly to escape the snow and ice and cold weather and have always wanted to live by the beach!! Well I accomplished that, but there is still nothing like the Adirondacks in the fall when the leaves have changed to reds, oranges and yellows so beautiful it takes your breath away! Or when you go to an apple orchard to pick apples off the tree, and go home and make an apple pie!! No where else, can you walk outside in the spring and spell the leaves blooming, or enjoy a relaxing summer day at the Thoroughbred Horse track in Saratoga NY! "
Utica, NY Police Officer (ret.), writes,
"The communities are unique and loaded with history, Yes, this is our region and we do love it. Many do enjoy our area in the Summertime, they should also return in our Winter and see the beauty."
Mike Ellis, writes,
"Helloo, fellow upstaters! I was born and raised in Utica, New York. I now live in Raleigh, North Carolina and work at Duke University. I remember bike riding in the hills, fresh air and long hard Winters. We took the shoveling in stride and mastered all the Winter Sports. I remember walking to John F.Hughes School and playing Pop warner football for the South Utica Tigers 1967-1969. Life was simple then and less hustle and bustle as compared to some places I have lived. We like Raleigh a lot and our street resembles Greenwood Court. Too bad NY state taxes are so high and job security is poor there or else we would move back."
Michael G. in Seattle, WA. writes,
"I love the fall season, the nice cool summers, and the mountains and lakes of the Adirondack area. I was born and raised in Buffalo and went to college in Plattsburgh. I'll never forget the good times I had while attending college in Plattsburgh. Nights at the Monopole, Woodstock II, Cardinal Pub, Bogarts, Fillions, Chip and Chan concerts! Someday I'll move back to the Adirondack area."
Candy, from San Marcos, Texas, writes,
"I miss the Italian food of Central NY most of all. I grew up in Ilion, NY, and lived in the Utica, NY, area for almost 40 years. I now live in TX. I miss Fall, meaning juicy apples, fresh pressed cider and pretty fall foliage. I very much miss Helluva Good French Onion Dip, Madison-Bouckville Antique Fair, Holland Farms Bakery (specifically the jelly roll and deli salads!) and O'Scugnizzo pizzas and calzones!"
Dave from Springville, NY, writes,
"My wife and I grew up in the village of Springville, located in the snowbelt of Western NY. We now live in South Carolina but spend many hours reminiscing about "home". We miss snowball fights, Thanksgiving family touch-football (preferably in the snow), the smell of concord grapes, wild blackberries, Indian summer - the two weeks at the beginning of October when it's warm enough to wear shorts and hike in the woods to see the beautiful Fall leaves, Sunday drives through the hills, swimming at Connoiserally Falls, wood-burning fireplaces, homemade anything, friends, family. Too many of us have moved away in search of better jobs and better weather."
Joe, an Audio Engineer in Charlotte, NC, writes,
"I grew up in Clinton, New York, and I don't think there could have been a better place to live as a kid. I recently brought my fiancee home over the Thanksgiving holiday and brought her to the Clinton Arena. Showed her the rich history that surrounded the home of the Comets and the Clinton Comets themselves, showed her pictures of when I played hockey at the Arena. I know it's odd but there is NOTHING in the world like the Clinton Arena. I've skated on rinks all over this country, and the Arena has the best ice, the best atmosphere for hockey, and the most unique smell. There is No Place like home, and Clinton- and the Arena - will ALWAYS be home for me. No matter where I live."
A freshman high school student, writes,
"I am from a small village in Upstate NY called Morris. I grew up there and this summer I just moved to the other end of the spectrum: New Mexico. I can't say I miss the harsh winters, but I miss a lot of other aspects of good old Upstate. With all of my friends in the Northeast and all of the beautiful leaves there too, it is hard not to say that I miss my home town. Upstate New York is honestly, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful places in the world. The lush valleys with the lovely colors of autumn trees splashing out at you. It is wonderful! I love the fact that everyone knows your name and where you are from. This of course may cause problems to some, but I like it!!! I hope to return to New York for the summer and for college. I just thought I'd tell everyone that a high school student still finds Upstate to be so spectacular!!! :)"
From Small Town to Big City, writes,
"I grew up in a small town in Upstate New York. Words can't explain the atmosphere there. It took me a while after moving away after graduation high school to fully understand what I had. But I would give any thing to be able to go back to the simple life again. The beauty of the earth is unexplainable, you should not die with out being able to experience all of the seasons of Upstate. It truly is a place of beauty. I only hope I can share my experiences with my children first hand."
Ali Blaakman, a teacher, writes,
"I lived in Rochester for most of my life and have many fond memories to look back on to make me smile and dear friends that make me visit every once and awhile! What I love most about Rochester is that it has a little of everything. How can you not love a city that has lilac festivals, all sorts of cultural diversity, Country Sweet chicken wings and the Amerks! I also love going to the Hill Cumorah Pageant in Palmyra and am so happy about there being an LDS temple there :)"
Roy, writes,
"I live in Washington State, but grew up in Whitehall, New York. The smell of the white birches, the leaves in fall, the crisp clean air of winter, still remain in my mind after over 20 years. I can still remember the taste of a Northern Pike from the icy waters of Lake Champlain. I recall days spent hiking on Anthony's Nose and climbing Roger's Rock. Most of all I remember the people; strong willed, independent, self-reliant, and with a sense of community seldom found today. This year, at long last, I will return to Upstate New York to live. I have lived all over the U.S. but I have never truly been happy anywhere I couldn't see Skene Manor."
Visitor to Redwood for several years now, writes,
"We are a family of 5 & visit Redwood N.Y.and rent a lovely cottage on Butterfield Lake for several years now. It is truly beautiful. My husband, son, and daughter love to fish there. We also love going into Alexandria Bay. Cape Vincent is lovely also. The whole area is something everyone should visit at least once. We also vacation every Xmas in Lake Placid N.Y.(the Adirondacks)
When my children were young we went to the Catskills every year. We are from Queens,N.Y. (one of the 5 boroughs). We live in a very lovely neighborhood. And here we all consider ourselves, Polite, mannerly and very gracious to other. We have always lived in New York City ... "We New Yorkers" come in all sizes and shapes and personalities and manners just like everywhere else.... Looking forward to my summer up at Redwood again this year."
Jennifer Johns from Ithaca, NY, writes,
"Upstate NY is the best place to live. There is not another place on this earth I'd rather be! It's gorgeous anytime of the year! In the fall when the leaves change.....WHAT A SITE!!! In the spring and summer when all the beautiful flowers are out and everything is green. And in the winter when the snow falls and it's piled on the branches of the trees! WOW! It doesn't get any better! It's a wonderful place to raise a family and the outdoors life is amazing! So many beautiful woods and gorges to explore! The culture in my city is great too! And my favorite--the wineries!"
Kim Marsden of Philadelphia, writes,
"Ray, myself and our children have vacationed in Clayton on the Saint Lawrence River for three years. We love the quiet. The children range in ages from six to thirteen. They fish off the dock outside our rented cottage. We take Uncle Sam's boat tour to Boldt Castle every year to see how far they have come in restoring it. We go to Alex's Bay for an exciting night out on the town. At night, the sky is so clear, we can see all the stars. The sunrises and sunsets are magnificent. We look forward to going every year. It's a approximately a nine hour drive in a pickup truck, towing a boat with four kids. But it's worth it. Everyone should experience what the Thousand Islands has to offer. It's a wonderful, relaxing vacation. We take a day trip to Canada. On the way to Canada, we stop to watch the tanker ships go through the locks. We've seen the Eisenhower dam. The children learned something while we were on vacation. I would strongly advise anyone to go to The Thousand Islands at least once in their lifetime. It's a trip they won't soon forget."
Christopher, a yard man in the highway materials industry, writes,
"I love upstate New York because of the... Brown dirt, green grass, green forested mountains and valleys of my Adirondacks, limestone bottomed lakes with beautiful trout among other thousands of things. I've been many places, Panama was pretty..California was nice and many other spots are great but, when you come back home you realize what it is that separates us from all other places..The combination of safety and beauty are incomparable. I could explain further but it would not suffice, I'll leave that to the expert writers. Sincerely Chris Altizio"
A student with unforgettable memories..., writes,
"Every time I make a reference to where I spent my summers, I can only say one place, Lake George, in upstate NY. Every since I was a toddler my parents took our family out on our boat to go camping on the islands. This is the place of my best childhood memories. It never failed, ever year my parents worked hard to be able to spend their entire summer, in the middle of this magical place. We would play water sports all day and then sit around the camp fires at night. The people we met are friends for life. The big ships excited me and the clear water made all of your problems and frustrations drift away. There are so many little things you have to love about this lake. The little towns that lined the shores, the coves that you could send all day at and the overall appearance of the mountains and lake, just make you crave for more. I miss the ritual camping trips, now that I live in Austin, Texas. I dream of the opportunity to revisit and to see the ships cruise by my island (Phantom #2, Glen Island camp grounds). I reread books on the lake and remember how much of an impact this experiences has had on me. Thanks mom and dad for letting me enjoy, beautiful upstate NY."
"Upstate New York Fan", writes,
"Hey folks, just want to put my two-cents in about my cherished years spent in upstate New York. I was a private stationed at Ft. Drum and it was during that time that I fell in love with the wonderful surrounding area. What a beautiful place. There is more open country and pristine forest land than anywhere else that I have ever seen. I miss the snow and the people. Can't wait to get back!"
Lonnie Turbee, MA, writes,
"Our favorite weekend activity is to find yet another adorable little Upstate village, explore its diners, antique shops and parks, and walk its streets looking at the wonderful variety of architecture one finds in this state. Several favorites so far:
  • Clinton, south of Utica, where you find a village that is loaded with viable businesses, many of which surround an adorable park in the center of town. Not far away: some of the best cultural offerings in Central New York at Hamilton College.
  • Geneseo, south of Rochester. The whole village is a National Historic Landmark, loaded with wonderful old homes of various styles. Also has a SUNY college, so culture is just a couple blocks from anywhere in town.
  • Homer, near Cortland, south of Syracuse: Another intact and thriving village with a history longer than those of Cortland or Syracuse. More beautiful architecture, including four churches around the central park. Be sure to get into the upstairs of the old opera house, now an antiques emporium. The ticket booth still has graffiti written on the walls from 1880 (possibly earlier) to the early 1900's.
  • Seneca Falls, southeast of Rochester: Not quite as culturally rich as the others, but still lovely, with some super B&B's. More important, though, is the National Women's Hall of Fame. Any woman (or man!) who appreciates the fact that women in North America have it better than the vast majority of women around the world should come here and remember what it cost these women to make that possible. The freedoms women enjoy in this country should not be taken for granted - witness what professional and educated women must endure in Afghanistan these days (not to mention their less educated sisters the world over!) and be grateful that that is not happening here. Be sure to arrive early enough in the day to enjoy a breakfast at The Twins Restaurant, with its lovely view of the river and friendly staff and customers.
  • Saratoga Springs: Like being in New York City without the congestion, fear, or distress. Great food, glamorous shops, beautiful buildings and parks. Historical, too!We're sure there are many more, and look forward to many years of discovering them!"
    Gene Costanza, writes,
    "While many others can refer to specific areas they grew up in, raised families in, etc., I, for the most part, cannot. Yet Upstate NY has always been a vast respite for me, escaping the doldrums of city life. Pick a route and drive. Get out and walk. Sit in a local eatery. Enjoy the world-renowned autumn flora. Always friendly. Always welcome."
    "Homesick", a marketing consultant, writes,
    'Isn't (it) funny how we all spend our youth trying to escape upstate NY however there is a yearning for all of us to get back there in our later years. It is crazy but I think it gets back to the memories. The autumn trees on fire, the summer picnics & the winter wonderlands that it produces.
    Tell me I am wrong!"
    Theresa writes,
    "I grew up in Onondaga County (DeWitt) and moved to Connecticut 21 years ago. New York State will always be "home". I attended college at SUNY Cobleskill and fell in love with Schoharie County. Every year, I return to Syracuse for the New York State Fair. The Fair is a family tradition which even my Connecticut born teenager looks forward to. I try to make at least one trip a year to the Adirondacks (Lake Placid). In fact, I plan on coming "home" this weekend by spending a few days at the Gideon Putnam Hotel in Saratoga Springs. I LOVE NY!"
    Tim & Louise from Nottingham , England, writes,
    "We recently visited friends in New Paltz who took us to Lake Mohonk, it was absolutely breathtaking, GO THERE NOW !!!!!"
    Teeps from Palo Alto, CA, writes,
    "Remsen: the moon shining on a fresh snowfall, the beaver dam down the road, fishing at Hinkley lake, walking to the "store" (1/2 mile down a dirt road) to get an ice cream, being snowed in on Rte.3, catching fireflies, watching thunderstorms, Pete & Earl, the snowplowmen (does anybody remember them?)
    Utica: skating on slate sidewalks around Blandina Street block, the small of fresh mint in my grandfather's garden, skating on a frozen tennis court, the beautiful houses on Miller Street."
    Connie from Clearwater, Florida!, writes,
    "I grew up in South Glens Falls, but have lived in Florida for the past 14 yrs. My husband is from Glens Falls. I try to get back to upstate NY for visits as often as possible. Not only am I drawn there by my large, extended family, but the area itself keeps me coming back. Even as I type this, I can see the blue, clear sky with white, cotton-like clouds over the green and purple mountains of the Adirondack region. I can visualize with my mind's eye, the tall, proud trees of pine, maple, and oak. I can feel the crisp, clean air and hear the gentle lapping of water from the many large, cool and refreshing lakes. Nature paints a canvas of color and perfumes the senses. There is nothing like it!"
    Phil Fedor, a surveying technician in the construction industry, writes,
    "Born In Syracuse, Living in Indianapolis. I'm a NYS Ranger School grad. Here goes: Buffalo Bills, Syracuse Orangemen, Syracuse Chiefs baseball, Heid's hotdogs, the NYS Fair, hills, mountains, clear water, x-country skiing (not a lot of snow out here), white-water canoeing, northern pike and trout fishing, Wanakena and Tupper Lake and Lake Placid and Keene Valley, Mt. Marcy, Algonquin, Whiteface, and the Seward Range, deer and bear hunting, the Thousand Islands, the Finger Lakes, Saranac Beer, salt potatoes, the 4th of July in Tupper Lake, Indiana Pass, the Raquette River, Chittenango Falls, the Moyers Corners Fireman's Field days, sledding at Burnett Park Zoo and Wescott Reservoir, and The NYS Ranger School."
    "Chickadee", a student, says
    "I love the Hardcore Music that comes out of upstate NY as well as the bands that travel here to play shows!"
    H. Battisti, says:
    "I grew up in St.Johnsville ... very small town in between Utica and Amsterdam! What I LOVE about it is the historical aspect! You will never be bored! We have the history of the Mohawk Valley at our feet! AND.... there's no better place to study that than the Reaney Memorial Library...! (even check out the museum in there! you'd be surprised) Besides that.. there are many old houses,Fort Klock Museum, old churches, many battle fields.. and General Herkimer's Home is not far off! This is only a little bit of history..check it out! It is interesting! JUST an added bit of info.. for the Halloween people... Beardslee Castle..located just outside of St.J on Rt. 5 has three best haunting stories! The Discovery Channel is doing a show on it for the haunting season! *and the bar is great!* "
    Mike writes,
    I love Upstate New York. I was born in Glens Falls. I am a civil war reenactor portraying a regiment that was formed from Warren County, 22nd New York State Militia.
    A Licensed Massage Therapist writes,
    I moved to Houston, Texas one year ago from Port Byron, New York. I never thought I could be so home sick! I miss the beauty of the Adirondacks in the fall. I miss the small towns and my friends and family. People here in Tx. do not understand why I miss New York and they all think I am from the city when i tell them I am from New York. I love and miss New York!!!
    Someone surfing the net wrote,
    Hi!! I moved Upstate, New York a year and a half ago. Unfortunately, I had some major family concerns which prompted me to move back to Queens, New York. I miss Upstate immensely and I am trying to move back!!! The glorious scenes of the mountains, the serenity amongst other things pushes me to return. I am currently looking for employment in education. I have experience teaching elementary school and being involved a college admissions. I have a variety of talents and accomplishments. Also, for the summer I will be teaching computers to students in a camp. Take on guess where it is located? You're correct, Upstate. I love it there and although no definite plans for permanent employment are set, I have confidence and faith they will be soon. I look forward to moving back. As a single young woman, the dating scene could improve. But after reading another comment by a current Upstate resident I have faith. Good Luck!!
    Daniel Laymon writes,
    I'm currently stationed at Ft. Lee, VA, but I'm from Ilion, NY . I've traveled all over the world and United States, and I can honestly say
    "There's no place like home!"
    Mike Hart wrote to us and says:
    Over the last ten years, I have been going up to Waddington to fish the majestic St. Lawrence and its tribs. In those ten years, I have completely fallen in love with the area. The people in the businesses, who only see us once a year, remember us by name, and treat us just like we are one of the family. This is where I will retire, in the peace and quiet of this beautiful town. Thank you New York, I truly believe in the statement "I Love New York," because I do.
    John Lawler writes,
    Upstate New York is America's best-kept secret. Everybody out West assumes that upstate NY is just New York City with more snow. Living in a place that has two seasons (rainy season and dry season), I really miss autumn in the Adirondacks and winter in the Snow Belt. Vancouver is just a large suburb of even larger Portland, so I also miss the northern New York countryside. The birch-beech-maple forests, the dairy farms, the apple orchards, and the sugar lots all have a special place in my heart. I miss lakes without dams. I love the high peaks of the Adirondacks and would rather be sitting atop Haystack Peak or Gothics Peak than anyplace I have ever been in the Northwest. The Adirondack rivers and streams also are wilder and more beautiful than anything that descends the Cascades.
    Paul Scibetta writes,
    I love UpState N.Y. I lived here all my life. I would not want to live anywhere else. There is so much to do in our region that you can never get tired of it. There is wonderful scenery, clean streams and brooks for fishing plenty of state land for hunting and hiking. Lots of state land with marked snowmobile trails. And ski there is plenty of it for all levels of skiers.( Hunter Mtn.) The clean air that you can breath. The quit nights, the little cooler day in the summer, and the usually above average snow fall in the winter for those of us who also love snow. So you see UpState is a great place to live or visit and I did not even mention the restaurants.
    A Windham girl, born and raised writes,
    I like Spring, every thing is as green as it gets, and smells so fresh. Then you ease in to summer, where it never really gets too hot, and everyone is out side playing, picnicking, just being neighborly..then you have the fall, with the trees so pretty you just want to remember it forever! And last the winter, with the pure white snow all on the mountains, its just beautiful! I like that you don't have to lock your doors, and people are always so willing to pitch in, what ever the cause or reason. I think its a great place to grow up and a great place to raise your children. Look around at the 100 and 200 year old homes and just picture the way it was then. It had to be as good as it could have been. I feel very blessed to have been a part of this wonderful area. Safe, warm , pleasant and understanding. We all should be so lucky!!
    A Native New Yorker, raised in California writes,
    I love Upstate NY! It is beautiful here, especially in the fall. I moved away from Binghamton at the age of nine to live in CA. At the age of 20 I moved back to the Mohawk Valley for a few years, then returned to CA, only to find that I missed it here very much. The country side, lakes, food and people are great here. So, at the age of 30, with my two year old daughter in tow, I came back. I wanted her to know the beauty of being raised here, and learn the values you can not learn in California. We have a much better life here in Upstate NY. I love it and so does she. We are here to stay! Not to mention I met and married a wonderful man here! It's good to be back.
    Cyndie writes,
    I love showing off my upstate to people from all over! The beautiful Adirondacks..especially Chimney Mountain and Blue Mountain Lake! The great picnics in Russell park in my hometown. The tomato pie and lemon ices in Utica. The clean state parks and wonderful colleges. Art galleries in Little Falls. Munson William Proctor. Sigh...lots to do!!! Never boring!!
    Jonathan Robert Blinn writes,
    The things that I like most about Upstate, NY is the Hudson Fish and Game Club because I get to go do a lot of target shooting there. I really like the cows and horses and pigs in Upstate, NY. There is a farm near my grandparents that is owned by Walt Kneffler and he owns a lot of cows. I like going by his farm in the summer and looking at all his cows. When I go rollerskating in Upstate, NY my favorite place to go to is the Skate Factory that is owned by Mary Ann Gazola. This is what I like most about Upstate, NY.
    Danny Gothem writes,
    Most of the other folks on this site have said all the things that I could say as well, but let me add one little bit. I moved to Chapel Hill, N.C, in late 1990 to get my MA at UNC. I do love it here, but I always return to my beloved north country every summer (for about a month) and at Christmas (for about a week and a half). It's hard to describe to a native southerner what the word "joy" means: that day when you really know spring has finally arrived after a long, long winter. or: "jeezum crow and the genny screamers"....if your friends want to know what the north country is all about, tell them to rent "nobody's fool".
    Missing Western New York writes,
    I grew up in Cheektowaga, New York and lived there for 23 years before I moved to Northern Virginia. I miss all of the following things, people who can drive in the snow, the Buffalo Bills, the Buffalo Sabres, the Buffalo Bisons, the world's best pizza, Letchworth State Park, sitting by the Lake on a summer's night, Glen Falls, etc. What I miss most of all, besides my family, are the friendly people. People in Upstate New York are the friendliest that I have met anywhere.
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    Mohawk Valley Applied Technology Commission /Industry Labor Education Council (MVATC/ILEC)
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    Utica Area Chamber of Commerce
    The Chamber is organized to establish and maintain a climate which encourages and assists businesses to locate, grow, and prosper in the Greater Utica Area.
    Walton Chamber of Commerce
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    Sylvan Beach, N.Y.
    "If you're looking for a great place to watch the sunset, Sylvan Beach can't be beat! If you're into classic and muscle cars, head north on Route 13 out of Canastota (exit 34, N.Y.S. Thruway) on a Thursday night. As you take in the beauty of the cool cars and warm people you can enjoy the finest sunset mother nature has to offer!" Thanks to Bruce Shoener of Oneida, N.Y.
    Chestnut Inn "a small hotel,"
    Oquaga Lake, Deposit, NY,150 miles east of NYC off rt 17 before Binghamton. We stayed at Chestnut Inn on the lake; loved it! Beautiful accommodations, nice people, tons of activities, affordable. Recommend!
    Skylight Peak,
    Skylight Peak has spectacular views of some of the highest mountains in the east. The alpine vegetation above timberline is fantastic. It has everything that Mt. Marcy has and more without the crowd at the top. It offers wonderful rewards for a strenuous, but beautiful hike. P.S. Tread carefully in the alpine zone please!
    Mohonk Mountain House,
    Mohonk means lake in the sky. This castle was built in the 1800's, one of the most beautiful places to visit. Click on to Located in New Paltz, New York. Phone number: 914-255-1000
    Stillwater Reservoir,
    Stillwater Reservoir/Big Moose Lake/The Norridgewok Inn - in the western part of the Adirondack Mountains is one of the most beautiful and peaceful places I have ever been to in NY and I was born and raised in the St. Lawrence Valley. Also, if you are ever in UpState NY, check out the Eisenhower Locks and the Robt. Moses State Park on the St. Lawrence River. I live in Bloomington Indiana now and love it also but I am a New Yorker!
    National Soccer Hall of Fame
    There is a new building being constructed that is sure to be the favorite place of many soccer fans, it is the National Soccer Hall of Fame. The new 5 million dollar museum will be located in Oneonta and is set to open in June of 1999. By the end of 1999, if all goes according to schedule, there will be a new stadium, playing fields other attractions on the Hall of Fame Campus. Tell your friends and spread the word. Its coming in 1999. for more information contact Will at
    Middle of Nowhere(Woodgate)
    Thrilled to be there. Lakes, creeks, enough sunshiny summer days to get everything or nothing done. 28 miles south of Old Forge
    1001 Broad St. Suite 450
    My favorite place is 1001 Broad St. Suite 450 in Utica. They always have the best parties there, really cool people, rubberband wars, and occasionally a funny looking dog named Speedy. I have fond memories of bats flying around and snacks in the back room. Since there are no oceans near Denver I don't get fish fry every Friday, either. Ah, Suite 450, one of the finest places in Upstate NY. Thanks to our favorite graphic artist and employee, Brian Bauder!
    Finger Lakes
    The finger lakes region is by far the best! The rolling hills that seem to go on forever and the little towns around every corner. I love the area! So much to see and do. The wineries are wonderful. Small and quaint! I really miss upstate NY since I've moved to the mid-west. This may be called the "heartland" but my heart is home in upstate NY! Thanks to Kathy, from Purdue University, Indiana
    Katrina Falls
    Going down the Delaware River in an inner tube from Port Jervis, N.Y.on a lazy summer day. Monticello in the 60's was such a great place to spend the summer. Thanks to Stewart, from La Jolla, California
    Village of Blue Mountain Lake
    Blue Mountain Lake will always be my favorite place in upstate NY. Located in the heart of the Adirondack Park, it offers everything a person could desire. Excellent accommodations, scenic vistas, the lake and surrounding mountains, and the Adirondack Museum. Thanks to Robert, from Fairfield, Pennsylvania
    Land Between the Lake
    An area of the Finger Lakes surrounded by three of the most beautiful lakes, Seneca, Canandaigua And Keuka. An area of little travel country roads, rolling hills with picturesque views, family farms and Mennonite/Amish buggies of a forgotten time past.
    The Mining Company's Albany, NY Site
    This site contains weekly feature articles about the Albany, NY area and annotated links to local sites (including entertainment, restaurants, places to stay, transportation, employment, sports, weather and many more categories).
    Perch Island, 1000 Islands,NY
    A good friend's family has owned this island for many years. It's about 100 yards long and 60 yards across. It is the best! Fishing, swimming, cooking and Lord have mercy, DRINKING GENNY LIGHT! Thanks to Bob in Tucson, AZ
    Alexandria Bay
    In the summer there are so many events taking place. Also love to visit Tug Hill (Rector Road, in particular) as that is where I grew up (Lowville). Thanks to Debbie in San Diego,CA
    Letchworth State Park
    The Genesee River Gorge (Grand Canyon of the East) and its beautiful waterfalls, like masterpiece paintings right before your eyes. The lush, dense forests full of wildlife. Thanks to Mark Dollard, Caledonia Boy in Colorado
    Indian Lake, in the Adirondack Mountains
    My boyfriend and I just spent a very romantic weekend in Indian Lake, which is in the Adirondacks. We were overwhelmed by the beauty of the mountains. We spent an afternoon wandering through the shops at Lake Placid and visited the Stone Caves and Bridges in Pottersville. We also had breakfast at a beautiful bed and breakfast at Long Lake. The one thing that I noticed is how friendly everyone is in Upstate New York. Wherever we went, people said hi, or started talking to you. We are planning a weekend trip up there when the leaves change. What could be more beautiful? Thanks to Peggy, from Buffalo, NY
    Owasco Lake and Surrounding Area
    "Located where slim fingers beckon -- The Finger Lakes."
    St. Lawrence River and Adirondack Mountains
    "My husband and I lived in Canton, NY for 4 years and loved it. The people and the Adirondack Mountains are unbeatable! It's a shame that some people from other states relate New York State to New York City. They don't know what they are missing!"
    Fairhaven, New York (Cayuga County) Area
    "A little bit of heaven on the shores of Lake Ontario. Salmon, Steelhead, Lake Trout, Browns, Large Mouth Bass, Northern Pike, . . . Rudy's, Fred's News, Cahill's Fish Restaurant, The Loop, New York Pizza, The Oswego River, The Salmon River, Sterling Creek, Fairhaven Beach State park, Sub Shop in Fairhaven, The Family Restaurant, the Bluffs Overlooking the Beaches, Renaissance Fair, July 4th Fireworks, West Bay Pier, Moon Beach, McIntyre Beach."
    Avon, New York
    "Settled in the 1790's, Avon is famous for its sulfur springs. Located on the eastern banks of the Genesee River, Avon is located in the heart of the Finger Lakes Region. A beautiful village with an abundance of history, and sites to see."
    Blue Mountain Lake
    "Located in the Adirondack Park, Blue Mountain Lake takes you away from all the hustle and bustle of every day life. It's truly a relaxing experience."
    Richfield Springs, New York
    "Located southeast of Utica on Route 20. Used to be one of the biggest sulfur springs in the United States."
    Lake George and Saranac Lake
    "Located in the Adirondacks. Offering among many other things, horseback riding and hiking."
    Silver Creek, New York
    "Located 10 minutes from Fredonia on Lake Erie."
    Lake Champlain, New York
    "Man oh man! I just read dozens of writers on their longings and memories of UpState. But the favorite place for me is Lake Champlain. Got to have it! . . . . Another is Cooperstown, a great little place."
    Russell Park, Ilion, New York and the Ilion Gorge
    "My favorite childhood hangout, and where I go every time I go on leave, is Russell park, in Ilion, NY and the Ilion Gorge. My Great Grandfather used to be caretaker of the park years ago, and it looks pretty much the same as it did then. You can see for miles around from there, and hike the 'Horseshoe Trail', or any of the other trails. Or, go see the gorge. It has a beautiful crystal clear, fast running creek (crick to us). There's also the Remington Arms Museum. It's all very easy to get to, just exit the NYS Thruway at Herkimer. Turn left, follow the road (3-5 miles) thru Mohawk, into Ilion. Take a left at the stoplight by the Arms, and follow it to the stop sign, the Museum is to your right. Or, take a left by the McDonalds (yes, we have moved up in the world), go on straight thru for the gorge, or turn left after you passed the high school, where there will be a sign that says Ilion Jr. Sr. High. The park will be to the right of the school! It's very well worth the trip."
    Thanks to John Booth, a former Ilion resident.
    Saratoga State Park
    "The state park in Saratoga, NY is by far the most beautiful place in the world. I fell in love with it in high school running cross country there, and now I'm having my wedding there in July."
    Thanks to Keri, from Chapel Hill, NC.
    Wright's Farm - Pick Your Own
    We come up from Texas every fall to enjoy the apple harvest. We go to "pick your own" at Wright's Farm on Rt 208 near New Paltz. There are lots of people picking all kinds of apples, picnicking and partying. We spend the day and have a great time. The atmosphere is really festive. Everybody's having a great time and you can wander on hundreds of acres of beautiful orchards. Mike is one of the owners and he's out there talking with everyone and having a good time. His wife is back at the fruit stand making yummy desserts and jam. It seems like the families that come there go back every year as a family tradition. Get the Macouns. They're the best eating apples in the world!!! Thanks to "Happy Apple Picker"
    Wolcott, New York
    A little, one stoplight town. Loads of apple and cherry trees. The smell of potato sticks cooking at the factory. Friendly people at Govenor Chevy, Olds dealership. The taste of Abbotts frozen custard on Hwy. 104.
    Theater District in Downtown Buffalo, NY
    Library, Canajoharie, NY
    The Library is a beautiful stone building with hidden treasures inside. You must see the paintings by Winslow Homer!
    The Ledges of Big Porter Mountain, Keene Valley, NY
    Big Porter Mountain is an unknown rock climbers paradise. The ledges are sheer with many hidden crevices and caves. The view is nothing short of spectacular. The best part is, I get to see it from my living room window!
    Thanks to a local artist in Keene Valley, NY
    Letchworth State Park - Grand Canyon of the East
    John Wesley Powell's hometown (Mt.Morris). The canyon he explored prior to losing his arm at Shiloh and heading to Arizona.
    Thanks to: A Livingston county son.
    Letchworth State Park, Castile, New York
    A must-see stop for any trip to UpState NY. Its beautiful cliffs and majestic waterfalls are only graced by its rich native American history.
    Thanks to Michael, an Electronics Technician from Germany.
    Adirondack Mountains
    Taking the very scenic State Route 28 from Boonville to Blue Mountain Lake and seeing beautiful lakes, little islands that resemble Wizard Island of Crater Lake, and lofty "dome" shaped mountains. Continuing on by taking State Route 30 to Tupper Lake and see where the mountains meet the bogs - still beautiful! Then travel on State Route 3 to Lake Placid and further on to the Adirondack Loj (via State Route 73) to see a breathtaking view of the High Peaks area. And to top it off, hiking up to Mt. Marcy and seeing an awesome 3600 view of the Adirondack Mountains. It is like being on another planet. This kind of trip through the Adirondack Mountains is definitely worth while.
    Thanks to Perry, of Rego Park, NY
    Niagara Falls
    I travel upstate for a living and I still love going to Niagara Falls. It has a might and splendor that is truly breathtaking. Going down near the water or on the Maid of the Mist really shows you the power of nature, and you can see that power in a rather controlled form. It's awesome!
    Thanks to Denis Houser of Fairport, NY
    Finger Lakes, Ithaca
    Thanks to Kim, a Research Biomechanist from Pensacola, Florida
    Peebles Island
    "While growing up in the Albany area, I enjoyed Peebles Island - hidden in the middle of a local town. The island is totally uninhabited (?), and offers light hiking/picnicing (bring a blanket - and I suggest mosquito spray). It's a great place to take a small day trip and enjoy nature or just get away from it all. Sorry - I don't know the exact location, but it is in the Cohoes/Troy area. With a little asking, locals will easily find it. Enjoy!"
    Thanks to Jennifer, a project coordinator in the executive search department of the health care industry, from Edison, NJ.
    "I just love this site! I was reading about people's favorite places in UpState and saw that someone loved Peebles Island but didn't know exactly where it is. I grew up just across the Hudson from the island and as a matter of fact, my cross country team used to run through there for practice. For anyone who would like directions here they are. Take 787 into Cohoes and take a right onto Ontario Street. Go all the way down to the Hudson River and take a left just before the bridge. The park is about one-half mile down the road on the right. It is a beautiful spot and not well-known either. Great choice!"
    Thanks to Keri for providing the directions to Peebles Island!
    The Jessup River
    "The Jessup River, it's more of a creek but what a place to get away from the rest of the world. I've canoed up it twice. A slice of pure heaven."
    Anonymous Submission
    Gomez Mill House, in a region on the Hudson known as "Danskammer"
    "Gomez Mill House, in a region on the Hudson known as "Danskammer", is the oldest house in that part of our country, and the earliest surviving Jewish residence in America. Continuously inhabited and maintained for more than 275 years, Gomez Mill House is inscribed in the National Register of Historic Places. It is a place to develop understanding of early Jewish settlement, and of the multiple strands of culture and enterprise that are woven into the history of America."
    Thanks to Eric Goldstone for submitting your favorite place in UpState New York
    Fort Stanwix National Monument
    The American stand here in August 1777 during the Revolutionary War was a major factor in repulsing the British invasion from Canada. The fort was also the site of the treaty of Fort Stanwix with the Iroquois Nov. 5, 1768. The current fort is a complete reconstruction of the original fort. The link to the National Park Service for Fort Stanwix is located here, but it doesn't contain much more information. For more information call or write:
    Mt. Marcy, New York
    A page with information about New York's tallest mountain, and links to other information about the Adirondacks and various hiking clubs
    Archived Pictures of Upstate New York
    The following links are archived photographs of UpState New York landmarks. The photos were taken in the period from the late 1800's to the early 1900's. They are archived and reproduced by the National Library of Congress. An interesting documentation of the history of UpState New York!


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