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Earliest Submittals (#1)

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Amy, a school library media specialist at Oppenheim Ephratah Central School, says:
"I live at the base of the Adirondack Mtns. and there I find it to be so beautiful and peaceful. I have lived in this area all my life. I have traveled to many other beautiful parts of the country, but none seem to give me the same feeling of home. There are hundreds of sparkling mountain lakes, hiking trails, campsites, state parks, all dedicated to keeping our little part of the world unique."
Steve P., a home improvement contractor from Atlanta, Georgia area, says:
"I miss the fine Italian deli's in the Utica area, especially the Florentine!! Craving for that kind of place here in Atlanta!!!"
Nancy A., math teacher at Burbank Unified School District in California, says:
"My most fondest memories of Upstate New York were spent in Beaver River, N.Y.. Beaver River is about 20 miles from Lowville. My parents have a cabin back in the woods there. In the summer, we travel 9 miles by boat and then 2 miles in the old car to get to the cabin. In the winter time the trip is anywhere from 11-30 miles by snowmobile. When the black flies are not out, a fun time can be had swimming, boating, hiking, or just relaxing in the great outdoors."
Sarah Smith, a records technician from Yavapai County, Arizona, says:
"I was born in Saranac Lake and lived in Madrid & Norwood near Potsdam before I moved to Arizona at the age of eight. What I miss most is the closeness of all of my family in upstate New York. I love the beautiful countryside, the lakes and rivers. My family was always somewhere near a lake or river. We had lots of family picnics at my grandparent's camp in Hannawa Falls. Those were some of the happiest times for a little girl. The last time I was back was four years ago - boy was I tempted to stay. My parents, brother and I are still in Arizona and enjoy visits from family members somewhat regularly."
Laura L., student at American University in Washington, DC, says:
"I absolutely LOVE being in the Nation's Capitol, but I could make a list of things I miss about the good old Hudson Valley (upstate to some!). I'd have to top off the list with the Mid-Hudson Bridge (especially on holidays when they fly the flag from the top!), pizza from almost anywhere--but especially Joe's in Newburgh(!), and the view of West Point and the Hudson River from Storm King Mountain. Most of all, though, I miss the spectacular Hudson Valley autumns. UpState NY! What a beautiful place!"
Lon, a vice president of business development in the telecommunications industry, says:
"Upstate New York is one of the most beautiful places in the US. During the summer, it is the greenest. The summer air is always has a cool nip. The winter is always full of snow. As a kid, I went to camp in the Adirondacks. I went to undergraduate and graduate school in upstate New York. I miss the weather now that I am here in Washington, DC. I miss the blue skies and the clear air. I miss the crisp autumn and the sounds of birds flying north or south, depending on the time of year. I miss sleeping with the windows open during the summer. I miss the smell of the dry winter air. I miss the calming feeling of the area."
Bob, a carpenter in the restoration industry, says:
"I miss the St. Patrick's Day parade on Varick St. I have been all over the country and never had pizza like Utica pizza. Missing home N.C."
Mary, now living in Florida, says:
"The cool summers. I am originally from Utica and live in hot muggy Florida. Our family is buying a house in West Winfield, N.Y. and we are coming home. I won`t miss Florida one single bit. Especially Hurricane season."
R. Houghtaling, an Account Manager in the Finance Industry, says:
"Now that I live in Manhattan, I miss being able to enjoy the solitude and quiet that I always took for granted while living upstate..."
Mike D., a mailman from Connecticut, says:
"I was born in Malone, NY and raised in Plattsburgh. I have lived in Connecticut since 1968 and I always look forward to going home. NY State, the Adirondacks, and the Lake Champlain area will always be home to me. I love NY", a consultant in the Internet Service Provider industry, says:
"I miss summers badly now that I'm in Nashville, Tn with my wife and new baby. My family camps on Lake Champlain for a few weeks each year. I love that area and would live there if the music industry were there and my Tx wife liked snow and sunny-less weeks at a time. Upstate is very peaceful, pretty and natural."
Wendy, a resident of Virginia, Native NY says:
"I grew up in Fulton NY, near Syracuse. I taught sailing on Lake Ontario while I attended College at SUNY Oswego. Living in Virginia has only increased my appreciation for Upstate New York, Lake Ontario, the Finger Lakes, the wineries and the state parks. Summers in the Adirondacks visiting my Grandmother..Nothing beats upstate NY."
Fran N, now living in Sunny California, says:
"It's nice to see a bit of "home" on the Web. I'm a native "Utician" now living in Sunny California & what I miss the most is the fabulous Italian cuisine that seemed to be everywhere in Utica."
L. Sherwood, a cost analyst in the trucking industry, from San Jose CA, says:
"Frequently the forgotten part of New York, the Upstate portion contains the Adirondack Mountains, the most beautiful place in the world. Besides that, it boasts most of the Revolutionary War battlegrounds and historical sites, in addition to French & Indian War places. Home to great seats of learning, great industrial plants, and fruitful agricultural land, U.N.Y. is the Unknown Empire."
Aimee D., an administrative assistant in the health care industry, says:
"I love and miss the rolling hills, the apple and cherry blossoms and the yummy Helluva Good Cheese made in Sodus. Formally of Wolcott, NY, now residing in Orlando."
Received from Cyber Cafe Au Lait,[Cybercafe Logo] in Belgium:
"I live in upstate New York, and I think you have done a great job describing it. I am an exchange student in Belgium right now and when someone asks, "Where are you from?" and I say New York, they assume the city. No one knows enough about up state."
Kim, a research biomechanist from Pensacola, Florida, says:
"The fall colors are the most beautiful I've seen. Being able to drive 1 hour to the City for a fast-paced life and driving 1 hour to the North and experiencing country life at its finest. A native of Middletown, I have experienced so much and consider myself lucky to have been raised in such a beautiful state."
Steve, from Geneva, says:
"My friends Benny and David, water skiing on Seneca Lake, Hobart lacrosse, good pizza and the beautiful women"
Neil, a student of electrical engineering, from Marlboro, New Jersey, says
"Everywhere I turn, I encounter another smiling face surrounded by the natural beauty of upstate New York!"
Jennifer, an international volunteer from Saipan, says:
"I enjoy the changing of seasons and being with my family during the snow storms. Currently, I am living on a tropical Island in the Pacific, and very much looking forward to returning home this summer."
Mike, a journalist in the Business Editorial department in the newspaper industry, says
"Camping at Jones Pond, near Paul Smiths. Summer on Lake Champlain. Booze cruise on the Juniper. The Battonkill and a Royal Coachman. Sunset at Trout Lake, Diamond Point. Fourth of July fireworks over Lake George. The Annual Saranac Lake Winter Carnival. Monopole, Plattsburgh. Canoeing. Hiking Pocomoonshine."
Mark, a professional driver in the trucking industry, says:
"I think NY in general is a great place to live. Great scenery, excellent year round fishing not to mention a variety of wildlife"
Perry, from the U.S. Army, ARDEC, says,
"After touring Germany, France, Luxembourg, Ireland, Spain, United Kingdom, Utah, Mississippi, Colorado, Florida, California, Missouri, and Michigan in a period of four years (1982-1986) I can safely say that New York State was and is my Number One vacation place. It has a little of everything that the world has to offer in 47,379 square miles. It has excellent wines, very good downhill and cross country skiing, good hiking in very scenic state parks, four beautiful seasons in both the country and cities/towns, lots of American history, farmlands and open pastures, "dome" shaped mountains and unique rock formations, waterfalls that are big and small, canoeing, camping, and beautiful forests."
Charles Hunt, owner of Hunt & Peck Office Products, says,
"There is much for us to be grateful for in the Mohawk Valley. I am a transplant from Philadelphia. Occasionally my relatives ask if I ever think of returning to the Philadelphia area. My answer always is "no." In Utica rush hour last five minutes, the summers are pleasant, you can ski in the winter, and there are plenty of cultural events to partake of. Also, Utica is within five hours of Toronto, Montreal, Boston, New York and Philadelphia. Maybe when you are from outside of the area, it is easier to see the Mohawk Valley's assets."
M.J. Scouten, a procurement analyst in the Defense Fuel Supply Center industry, says,
"I miss my family and friends and the strong sense of community. I grew up in Camden and worked at Griffiss like my dad who retired."
Anne of Whitesboro, NY says,
"I enjoy the fall colors..."
Tom Burke, from AD-Ventures and Dee Jay Unlimited says,
"People in this area have a strong sense of community. No one is 'unattached' from each other much like people would find in a larger metropolitan area and big cities. Doing business in this area may be on a smaller scale economically as this is a smaller community, but I feel that if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere!"
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