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John E. Booth, an Airfield Operations Craftsman with the U.S. Air Force at Whiteman AFB, Missouri, says:
"I am an active duty member of the USAF, who grew up in the beautiful, historical Mohawk Valley in Ilion, NY, home of Remington Arms. What do I love about UpState New York? What is there not to like? The crystal clear lakes, the ice cold rivers, the flowing hills and mountains of the Adirondacks, the smell of the pine, the HUGE snowfalls in the winter, the explosion of colors in the fall, the Maple Sugar (which I cannot find anywhere), the apple cider, the NY State Fair, Geneseo Warbird Museum in Batavia, the gorge right next to my home, Russell Park, Camp Russell and White Lake, Old Forge, Cheese Curds (can't find them either), the farms (especially Homadeaus up near Ceaderville), the wildlife, the rapids, camping, skiing, snowshoeing, rafting, the kindness of the people, the chipmunks, the deer, black bear . . . . I earned my Eagle Scout Award there, and joined the USAF there. I also have a funny tale that makes me proud to be from UpState NY. One day, while home on leave, I went to the former Griffiss AFB to pick up my paycheck. I asked the young lady there how she liked the base. She said she hated it. I, of course, was shocked. I asked her, "Why?" She said, "Because everyone around here are hillbillies". I asked where she was from. "Philadelphia". Imagine her dismay when she asked me where I was from! It really makes you enjoy the serene, pristine view of the mountains, as only the Adirondacks can look. I sometimes shed a tear, because it tugs at me to come home. My dad was born there, and I was raised there. My Great Grandfather was the Russell Park Superintendent at the turn of the century. Even my first tour in Alaska will never replace my beloved UpState New York. I treasure my memories, and pictures of UpState New York. I could go on forever about my home. I hope all of you who read this, and never been there, do yourself a favor -- take a vacation to UpState New York. Because, just like the commercial used to say, "I love New York, what a great vacation . . . . " Thanks a lot for publishing this. Everyone I ever run into always asks where am I from. When I tell them, I always get confusion, because they always think of the city (yecch!)."
Mike Miller, a Financial Planner in Ocala, Florida, says:
"I grew up in Johnstown, New York. I love the Adirondacks and still vacation there on a regular basis. I enjoy the summers and have climbed Blue Mountain more times than I can count. Skiing at Gore Mountain and Oak Mountain are classic Adirondack skiing. Now I enjoy Florida but the snow and summers still lure me back. This web site is a real blessing."
Jacob Bogenschutz, a Technician in Columbus, Ohio, says:
"I was born in Watertown, NY and went to school in Brownville. I like the small town atmosphere of the area and how everyone knows everyone else. I'm now attending DeVRY in Columbus and have decided that UpState doesn't have enough industry in my field to warrant staying there. I had always hoped that more industry would infiltrate the region but economic and climate conditions are not good enough to attract the industry -- mainly the economy. Other than the job market, I love the Thousand Islands Region, and I even like the weather. It's a great place to live if you like great scenery, lots of trees, rolling land and friendly people. If you've never been there you should visit the Thousand Islands, it's beautiful in the summer thru fall -- who knows you may fall in love with it, I know I did and it's a place I'll always call home."
Ed, a retired DAVet/USAF, ex New York State Resident, now living in Velva, North Dakota, says:
"One of the most beautiful sites in the world is the changing of the leaves of the Maple tree in UpState NY. The best tasting brook trout I've ever had anywhere in the world come from the mountain streams in UpState NY. There's also a lot of history in UpState NY that most people don't even know about, such as slave routes to Freedom through the Adirondack Mountains. UpState New York has much to offer, all year around. I would recommend a visit to anyone that wants to see some choice country and vacation spots in New York State. I return to NY State every so often and try to make a stop or two in UpState areas. Always a good place to visit and notice the changes of time."
Heidi, an editorial assistant from Seattle, says:
"I was born and raised around UpState New York, took advantage of the superior education provided by the SUNY system, and then moved to New York City. What impresses me most about the Empire State is its variety. From the rural woods of Delaware County, to the Hudson River, and the Adirondack Mountains, New York State has it all. My husband is from Orange County, and feels the same way I do about our home state. When we moved out here to Seattle (one of the best places to live, they say), we were surprised at what we missed: the fall foliage, the riverside towns and villages, fresh corn from roadside farm stands. I am such an UpState NYer I didn't realize we wouldn't be able to get Grandma Brown's Baked Beans or Heluva Good horseradish here! Thanks for this website: all these voices illustrate the mix of pride and folksiness that makes UpState New York such a great place to call home."
A Writer/Entertainer/Speaker/Real Estate Broker from Rochester, NY, says:
"I was born in Germany. Many of my relatives still live there. I travel a lot for my public speaking career and do regularly published articles and workshops on the power of humor in the workplace, and other self-empowering CDs, writings and the like. I also help people buy and sell real estate. I've been all over the world and have seen most of the world's natural wonders yet I feel that UpState New York is some of the most beautiful country in the world. There's something for anybody. The Finger Lakes, which were formed by the glaciers, boast wineries world renowned and mountains like Lake Placid attract snow skiers. Lake Ontario and Niagara Falls for water attractions.  Rochester, NY has a new festival each week of the summer for visitors and some of the best and friendliest people I've ever met. In fact, Reader's Digest has TWICE in the past 50 years studied the major cities in the country and voted Rochester, NY as the friendliest city in the country! Call them or me for a copy of the latest article. If you visit, make sure to visit as many of the following as possible: The Adirondack Mountains, Letchworth State Park (the Grand Canyon of the East), Ithaca's Buttermilk Falls, Howe Caverns, and by all means the Rochester area with the mansion home of the late George Eastman and the Eastman School of Music's rich music and arts programs. I could go on forever. If you would like more enthusiasm or information on Rochester or my positive writings, my E-mail is Peace and joy to you."
Kathy, living in Minot, ND, says:
"After 5 long years in the midwest with flat treeless plains, I long to go home. I miss the people -- always welcoming, friendly and outgoing. When we moved here we were told that Minot, ND was the world's best kept secret. To me this describes UpState NY perfectly. When you see the sun brilliantly dancing on the folliaged, snow-capped mountain tops, nothing can quite compare to the breathtaking beauty. It's not a beauty that one can take for granted! It's not where I was born, but it sure is home."
Missing Home, says:
"I was born in Albany and also lived near Glens Falls on a lake in the summer. I would like to talk to someone from home. You can E-mail me at!"
A Commercial Banker, says:
"What I like about UpState NY -- the first snow, Christmas shopping, the four seasons, a thunder and rain storm, the smell after the rain, the people, the quality of life, the mountains and walking in the woods, commuting on the Metro North Train to and from NY City, the simple things, the friends, the Holidays. . . . "
Mary Ann Sorrell, from Mt. Victory, Ohio, says:
"Hi! I'm from Malone, NY. Every year we go back home to see the beautiful area we are from. Each year we rent a camp in Mountain View, about 15 miles from Malone. Here the fishing, the streams and woods are just beautiful. My children did not grow up there and just love coming to visit. There is nothing like the fresh air, the people and the quietness that the area brings. If anyone wants a nice vacation please try this area of New York State."
Samuel Abbott, a Paper Maker at Kimberly Clark in Owensboro, Kentucky, says:
"Living here in Kentucky for the last two years has made me really appreciate my home in UpState NY (Glens Falls) for its four seasons, and the activities that go on in each of them. The summers on Lake George, the falls at the Adirondack Balloon festival, the Lake George Winter Carnival, and in the spring just the way everything comes to life right before your eyes, not to mention the Americade and the numerous fishing tournaments. God how I miss that place!"
Scott Jacobsen, a Broadcast Television Engineer, from Tucson, Arizona, says:
"I was introduced to Upstate NY by my wife, who grew up in Whitesboro. Over the last few years, we have visited many times, during all seasons. I am originally from the Chicago area and am quite familiar with harsh winters . . . but I do not dislike them if there is plenty of snow to play in. Many may wish for warmer climates and year-round sunny skies like we have here in the Arizona desert, but you trade many things for it. Here, where the population is from everywhere else, there is a general lack of the sense of community and because of that and the proximity to such a lawless country as Mexico, the crime rate is one of the nation's highest. Also, because everyone wants to move here, the developers are hard at work destroying the pristine beauty of the Sonoran desert that surrounds Tucson. I would admonish the convention bureaus of cities like Syracuse and Rochester not to be too zealous about attracting people to their respective areas. I am not against "progress" so long as it is defined by a healthy economy that results from innovative thinking, not by generating a population magnet. Adirondack camping is one of our favorites. And the St. Lawrence area is great, too. We hope to relocate there soon!"
Joanna S. from Lehighton, Pennsylvania, says:
"I was born and raised in Upstate NY. I moved to Northeastern PA after I graduated high school and I must say what a difference! I never appreciated my home state until I left. Unlike the communities in PA, the people of Upstate New York are the friendliest and warmest of any other I've ever visited. You can greet a person on the street and can always count on eye contact and a hello right back. Not only are the people the greatest, but the scenery beats the Poconos hands down. I can't wait to move back!!!"
Derrick Salisbury from Florida, says:
"Growing up in Camillus, New York, just west of Syracuse, I learned to appreciate the simple things in life. The pace of life wasn't too hectic and the people are always willing to help out. Now living in Florida for a number of years, I have grown to miss the people, hills, drinking clean water out of a faucet, Beak & Skiff apple cider and the essential eats for any person growing up around Central New York: Hoffman Coneys, Grandma Brown Baked Beans and Salt Potatoes. My friends here in Florida keep asking me when my mother will be sending her next shipment of those tasty Upstate New York morsels. That's what I miss about Upstate New York. Oh, by the way, did I mention Helava Good French Onion Dip?"
Larry Pierce from Oswego, moved to Virginia ten years ago, says:
"I love living in Charlottesville, Virginia. The sun and mild weather agree with me. I am, however, drawn back to the shores of Lake Ontario several times a year, and although I am now a vegetarian, inevitably find myself with a Rudy's coney and a cold Molson in hand, gazing wistfully at what must be the most beautiful sunset this side of paradise."
Jim Scouten, an employee with the Federal Highway Administration in Baltimore, Maryland, says:
"I grew up in upstate New York (Painted Post). I love the countryside and the people. I almost cried when I saw the movie "Nobody's Fool" because it looked like home and the people looked and sounded like home -- straight-forward, honest and hard working in the most difficult of circumstances. I also love the folklore of New York State -- the headless horseman, the early settlers of Steuben County fighting the wolves, and my great-grandfather (certainly at least partly a Seneca) taking his annual trek to Montezeuma."
A Native Utican, now in Pleasanton, California, says:
"Even though I'm a Californian, I still return to the Old Forge-Inlet area every summer to enjoy the Chain of Lakes and visit with many old friends and relatives. The closest thing California has to compare with the chain of lakes is Lake Tahoe, which is overcrowded, is too rough for boating, and has a summer water temp. of 55 degrees. Upstate New Yorkers have a jewel in their backyards."
Trish, a manager in the publishing industry, in St. Louis, MO, says:
"Clear, fast-flowing streams. Snowy Christmases. Snowy Easters. Summer high temperatures in the eighties. Cheese curd, Macintosh apples, Grandma Brown's Beans. Roadside daisies and asters. I think I need to come home for a while."
Chris Smolen, from Rome, NY (a beautiful UpState NY community), says:
"Beautiful surroundings. Friendly (albeit country music lovin') genuine folks."
Bob and Dolores Hofmann, power boaters from Middletown, New Jersey, say:
"For the first time we took our 30 foot cruiser up the Hudson and into the Erie Canal, going as far as St. Johnsville. My wife and I, living in your sister state of New Jersey have in the past toured the Empire State. But nothing has been as beautiful or breathtaking as seeing Upper New York state scenery from a boat on the river or canal. The slow pace of trolling along the Erie allows one to absorb the full expanse of the NY farmlands, valleys, mountains that one wouldn't experience from the window of an automobile traveling at 55+ mph. The NY state residents we met at marinas in Catskill, Troy, Schenectady and St. Johnsville could not have been more friendly or helpful. It was such a memorable vacation cruise we are doing it next year up into the Champlain Canal and Lake Champlain."
Jason, a Broadcast Engineer from Columbus, Ohio, says:
"After living in Columbus for a few years, I have really grown to appreciate and miss New York. I think that I miss the hills, and the wide open spaces the most. While I do love my new home, IT IS TOO FLAT! New York is a wonderful place to grow up. Lastly, UpState NY is the only place where you can go to the Midway Drive-Inn Theatre. The Midway Drive-Inn is located in Minetto, NY. It is the last one of it's kind in Central New York. I have been going to the Drive-Inn for as long as I can remember. My father has been the projectionist there since high school. The drive-inns here in Ohio are nothing compared to the one I miss back home."
Ravindra Garg, an employee at Xerox Corporation in Rochester, NY,says:
"We moved to Rochester, UpState NY about 6 months ago from the Mid West. All summer, we explored the lakes, Niagara Falls, wild life and farms. This is one of the excellent places in the country. We are thankful to enjoy this place."
"Bumper Jack" Daniels, a trucker from Syracuse, NY, says:
"I've trucked the highways and byways of this country for years, and I've seen many beautiful and interesting sights in every state. But no state comes close to matching New York State's wonderfully diverse array of landforms. The Adirondack 46ers, the Niagara River Falls, Allegheny Mountain Indians, the Catskills' Rip van Winkle, palatial Palisades, Lake Champlain's forts and battlefields, ten-feet-deep Tug Hill snow, 1000 Islands, Ithaca gorges, and yes, even glitzy New York City. We've got it all, and now that I truck mostly locally these days, I hope we meet up, here in the great State of New York!"
Andy Martin, a student at the American University School of Public Affairs in Washington, D.C., says:
"Growing up in North Syracuse, NY was simply the best. I really do love DC, but UpState NY was the best place to grow up! All the memories of Cicero-North Syracuse High School, the turning of colors of the leaves in the fall, and the wonderful snow! Best place for a child to grow up!"
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