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We get lots of questions we can't answer ourselves. So we have decided to post some of the questions we get from our visitors on this page. If you can help answer some of these questions, please E-mail us a response, and we will contact the person asking the question, and send them your response. At this point we don't want to post E-mail addresses, to protect our visitors from Spam E-mail sights. We'll try this out, and see how it works. We can even post the responses on this site for everyone's benefit. To make it easy for us, please copy the original question, or reference the Q# in your E-mail response. Thanks for your help!

Bob Wood

Posted 1/1/2001:
Q001: Where are some dance schools in Fairport, NY. E-mail us a response!
Q002: Do you know of a glove factory in or around central or upstate New York. I know there was one in Gloversville at one time but I don't believe there is one there any more. Thanking you in advance. Mary Collins. E-mail us a response!
Q003: Hello, Can you please point me in the direction for finding out info on Lake Success, NY? The stuff I found on the internet isn't what I'm looking for. My brother has been offered a job there, but they are on a limited income. Can you suggest what neighboring cities to consider? Thanks so much and I look forward to your response. Susan Greene. E-mail us a response!
Q004: Dear Sirs, We are a group of artists from Liverpool / England, and are looking for artists in New York to exchange with. (ideas and exhibitions) - particularly artists who also work for a museum or art gallery, as we do (The Tate in our case!) I wasn't quite sure which area to go to for help - so was just hoping you could point us in the right direction!.

It would be a particularly favourable idea at the moment, as New York will be twinning with Liverpool next year, and it would be nice to stage an event to commemorate it! Yours sincerely, Wendy Williams. E-mail us a response!

Q005: Maybe this is crazy but I heard somewhere that there is such a place called the North Pole in Up State New York and I think I heard it is in your part of the state. If so Can will you send me some information on it. IF it isn't in your region could you please point me in the right direction? I would really appreciate it. Thank you very much for you time. My name is Denine. Thanks again. E-mail us a response!
Q006: Hello, I live in Whitehall NY I was looking for any information about two things, one is this settlement that was near Fort Ann called Cold Brook, and the other was about the "four forts"?? I guess that is also near Fort Ann, NY. I would love to be able to (if possible) see the spot where they both once stood the four forts and the Cold Brook settlement. If you can help me I would be greatful. Thanks for your time. Dave. E-mail us a response!
Q007: Does anyone in your organization have any information on who to contact to save some old growth trees, on land designated for protection 'in perpetuity'? Please contact me at E-mail us a response!
Q008: Hi, I'm trying to find out some information about the Salt Museum in Syracuse. My daughter's doing a project in school about salt and would like some information about how Syracuse got the nickname "salt city". Can you help us ? Is there a website that has any pictures of the museum and/or the now defunct salt mines of Syracuse? Thanks for any help you can offer. Leslie. E-mail us a response!
Q009: Is there a restaurant you would recommend for fine dining in or around Syracuse? Would appreciate your help. E-mail us a response!
Q010: Hi I have been trying very hard to locate a specific Hotel there in New York, I had a friend tell me about it once and I had looked it up on the internet, but that was quite a while back and I have no way to locate that friend. I do not know the name of this hotel but I was hoping that if I described it to some one from New York they would know what I am talking about. It is an old hotel built on a private lake on the top of a mountain, it very much reminded me of an old castle and I remember that there were extensive gardens and trails if memory serves the gardens were award winning. If this sounds familiar to you I would appreciate any clue you could give me. Thank you very much, I would like to find this place as my fiancée loves New York and I would like to take her there for our honeymoon. I live in California and have never been there so I really have no clue! Thanks. Jeffery Galpin. E-mail us a response!
Q011: Snowmobiling in Upstate New York (Boonville Area) My family is from upstate new York (Boonville, Lowville area). I would like to know where I could rent snowmobiles for a weekend (not at a outrageous rate) so I could have fun with my relatives. Following them doing the scenic trails and also the adventurous trails. E-mail us a response!
Q012: I am a graduate of Utica Free Academy. I graduated in 1987. I have lost my yearbook and I'd like to know if you could provide me with information on how I can get a copy, if possible. E-mail us a response!
Q013: I am trying to find an on-line listing of available houses for sale in the area of New Hartford, Utica, Herkimer, Whitesboro, etc. I had an e-mail address which listed them by city but it no longer exists. Can you help me? Thank-you, Pennsylvania. E-mail us a response!
Q014: Hi. I think you have a good website, but I didn't find exactly what I was looking for. My friend and I are planning to take a road trip through NY this summer, so if there was any way we could get information about local events happening (way in advance) or about getting information about tours and things, that would be useful. E-mail us a response!
Q015: Hi I am researching my family history and have found out that my great Uncle lived and died as an infant at : 724 North Liberty Street - Rome, New York. however I am unable to find it on any maps. I only can find West Liberty Street. Was there a North Liberty Street and if so was the name of the street changed? Thank you in advance for your assistance! Thank you, Donna.  E-mail us a response!

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