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RF and Microwave System Analysis

The staff at R. A. Wood Associates has over 20 years experience in providing state of the art RF and microwave systems design and analysis, including:

  • Noise figure analysis
  • Intercept point predictions
  • Spurious analysis
  • Phase noise analysis
  • Local Oscillator (LO) designs and analysis
  • Spreadsheet analysis programs
  • HP EESof OmniSys analysis
  • Statistical Monte Carlo RF prediction and yield analysis
  • Requirements flow down and traceability

We have already developed many programs to analyze your designs quickly and efficiently. We will work with Macintosh, Sun and PC platforms. We also will develop custom software tailored to the customer needs and requirements.

Requirements Flowdown and Performance Prediction

At R. A. Wood Associates, we understand the system requirements imposed by the user, and are knowledgeable of the current capabilities of the RF and microwave components. This enables us to perform accurate "up front" system analysis that will eliminate or reduce problems as the design progresses toward production.

After the initial Requirements Flowdown, the actual lower level component performance can be used to predict the performance of the the system and compare against the top level requirements. Component variations can be included in the model to produce a statistical performance of the top level system.

Impact of using System Analysis Methodologies

The impacts of maintaining a controlled, or disciplined microwave system analysis are numerous. A good, accurate model will provide an early indication of system performance. Any problems in meeting the performance can be identified and corrected early in the program. All component requirements can be traced to top level system requirements. In many cases the model will allow the design to go from paper concept to production without the need for a breadboard development phase. This will reduce costs and help to maintain an edge on you competition. As new components are introduced into the industry, a "what-if" analysis can be performed to determine if the new part could be used in the system.

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