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Fellow wireless designers, technicians, and managers,

Thank you for your interest in our RF and microwave software products. We are proud to announce 8 software products that will save you time and money by improving your efficiency in today's wireless world. Let our software interpret data, display results, and do the hard work for you while you spend your time on more important things.

We work hard to make our software user friendly and cost effective. Unlike more expensive, high end software, you shouldn't have to worry about whether our software is worth the money. It WILL save your company money the first time you use it and every time thereafter. Because the user interfaces are intuitive, the training time is minimal. We invite you to download and try the trial versions of these programs. Call us to register your program to unlock all program features.

As always, we appreciate your feedback. We continually strive to improve our software packages based on your suggestions. We are also available to contract custom modifications to these programs to suit your individual needs. We would like to thank you for choosing our product and for your continued support.

Bob Wood

Latest Software News

RF Path Analysis Toolkit

RF Path Analysis Toolkit logo

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The RF Path Analysis Toolkit is one of our newest software tools. This program will allow RF designers to use Excel spreadsheets to analyze RF paths (Cascade Analysis). Some of the key features are:

This program offers the flexibility of developing custom template spreadsheets and libraries while eliminating the common problems associated with modifying Excel spreadsheets. This program works best for designers who would like to build up an RF component library, and analyze several RF paths using a common database of library parts.


SpurFinder logo

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SpurFinder enables designers to evaluate various frequency conversion schemes before implementing them. The user simply enters an input frequency range, an output frequency range, and a fixed LO frequency. The program then displays a mixer spur chart that shows the output frequencies for all mixer spurious products up to the 20th order of M*RF and N*LO. The latest version includes a new "Slider Bar," which lets the user slide a cursor across the input frequency range. A table displays the output mixer spurious products and their frequencies in real time. Use this program to choose the conversion scheme (RF, LO and IF frequencies) with the best spurious performance. The program also provides a look at the pre-selection and post selection filter rejection requirements for the conversion scheme.


TunerHelper logo

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TunerHelper aids in the design of a receiver or transmitter frequency conversion scheme by providing a user friendly interface for analysis. Specify the input pre-selection filter requirements, the mixer spurious requirements, the leakage requirements, and the output post - selection filter requirements to view the signals and spurious products in your design. The program allows the user to determine all output signal and spurious products for any input frequency and amplitude. All filter and mixer parameters may be saved to files for use in other conversion schemes.


PathLossSolver logo

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PathLossSolver calculates the one way RF path losses. This program provides a simple, easy to use interface to determine the Radio Frequency (RF) signal levels at a receiver at a given distance from an RF transmitter.

This program is very easy to use. Some of the highlights are:

The program has three parts: Transmitter Characteristics, Path Characteristics, and Receiver Characteristics (Figure 1). Parameters can be modified in each of these parts to determine the RF signal level at the receiver input.

Painless Extraction

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Painless Extraction is a comprehensive program that automates the extraction of data from Network Analyzers to PCs. This program will save extracted data to an S2P file and read existing S2P files for statistical analysis. Script files may be created or imported to perform quality assurance pass/fail testing. Data analysis is performed on the selected S-parameters providing a wide array of statistical information. The current program works for Agilent (HP) 8720, 8753, 8757, and 8510 models, but other network analyzers can be added (contact us for additional models).

Painless Extraction Noise Figure

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Painless Extraction Noise Figure allows for the extraction and analysis of noise figure and gain data from Noise Figure Meters. Data analysis is performed on both parameters to provide a wide array of statistical information. After data retrieval, the data may be saved to a file for future use. The program currently works with the HP 8970A and HP 8970B Noise Figure Meters (contact us for additional models).

Painless Extraction Scriptor

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Painless Extraction Scriptor combines the data extraction and analysis capabilities of Painless Extraction & Painless Extraction Noise Figure with a new Custom Dialog Utility and an External Program Caller in an easy to use interface to automate testing through scripting.

RFSpecTest - RF Spectral Test Executive

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RFSpecTest is a software suite that was developed using National Instrument's LabVIEW. It may be used to automate the testing of Supported RF and Microwave components as well as sub assemblies. RFSpecTest allows data to be automatically extracted in a fraction of the time that it would take to do so manually. The tester can set up the desired frequency points and input the power level. RFSpecTest includes a calibration routine that provides data accuracy to 0.1 dB. The eight included test routines work across a variety of frequency conversions. This allows data to be extract from mixers and conversion chipsets.

RFSpecTest software is a great way to maximize your productivity and proficiency in RF Component Testing.

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