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Introduction to R. A. Wood Associates

Who is R. A. Wood Associates?

At R. A. Wood Associates, our goal is to help you succeed in your design efforts. We will utilize our expertise in RF and microwave design and computer technology to ensure your designs or projects are completed on schedule, at lower cost, and with high quality.

R. A. Wood Associates Business Vision

R. A. Wood Associates Markets Served

At R. A. Wood Associates, we see many market opportunities where we can apply our expertise. We have over 22 years of experience in the defense industries where our staff has provided state-of-the-art high quality RF and microwave designs. The commercial wireless market is experiencing phenomenal growth due to new FCC spectrum allocations, wireless communications, and wireless computer networks in development. The Federal government is emphasizing and promoting Dual-Use and defense conversion programs, where technology developed for the military is transferred to commercial technology, and vice versa. All these areas present an arena where R. A. Wood Associates can serve its customers, as well as lead new technological growth.

Engineering Consulting Services

R. A. Wood Associates provides engineering consulting services to support our customers when extra effort or microwave expertise is needed for proposals, design reviews, or RF and microwave system analysis. We can provide services on a hourly basis, by contract, or on a retainer basis.

Examples of Engineering Consulting Services

More of What We Offer

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