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RFSpecTest Overview

RFSpecTest is a software suite that was developed using National Instrument's LabVIEW. It may be used to automate the testing of Supported RF and Microwave components as well as sub assemblies. RFSpecTest allows data to be automatically extracted in a fraction of the time that it would take to do so manually. The tester can set up the desired frequency points and input the power level. RFSpecTest includes a calibration routine that provides data accuracy to 0.1 dB. The eight included test routines work across a variety of frequency conversions. This allows data to be extract from mixers and conversion chipsets.

Current Program Features

RFSpecTest can perform the following RF tests:

RFSpecTest can test the following RF and microwave components:


Supported Test Equipment:

Screenshots and Examples

For screenshots and examples check out our RFSpecTest Wiki, an ongoing documentation effort.

http://rfspectest.rawood.com - RFSpecTest Wiki documentation

Pricing and Trial Information

Download RFSpecTest now for a free trial version. This trial version has all features available to the user except for the following limitations:

The full version is available for purchase for $1995.00 (US Dollars). Buy now to unlock all program features.

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