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Thank you for choosing RF Spectral Test Executive 1.5!

Current Version 1.5.2

Changes in Version 1.5.2

This is largely a bug fix/maintenence release. Many cosmetic changes have been implemented and buttons, menus, windows, and options should be more consistent throughout the program.

Changes in Version 1.5.1

The calculation of IMD intercept points was fixed when loading an IMD test file in automated or script mode. The greatest of the two sidebands is used when calculating intercept points.

Small cosmetic changes to the Gain Test panel were made.

Changes in Version 1.5

Many changes were added to this revision. A brief summary is:
- A Return Loss Test Panel has been added
- A Retrieve Trace Test Panel has been added
- Capability to set pulse and trigger paramters for signal generators and spectrum analyzers
- Improved scripting capability, including:
- The capability to call a user defined executable file,
- The capability to add additional calibration files,
- The option to leave the RF signal generators on at the end of the RFSpecTest call, for subsequent measurements.
- Plus many more changes

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Changes in Version 1.3

Enhanced the registration process.

Added support for step sizes less than 1 and greater than 0.1.

Changes in Version 1.2

Enhanced the registration process.

Changes in Version 1.1

Enhanced the registration process.

RFSpecTest is a software suite that controls test equipment to perform computer automated testing of RF and Microwave components as well as sub assemblies. The software was developed using National Instruments LabVIEW. RFSpecTest allows technicians and engineers to take test data in a fraction of the time it would take to do by hand. The tester can set up the frequency points, input power levels, and other test parameters. The included calibration routine provides measurement accuracies within tenths of a dB. The test routines work across a variety of frequency conversions, allowing the user to take data on mixers, and RF frequency conversion chip sets.

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