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RF and Microwave Receiver Design

Course Overview

Learn how to design RF and Microwave Receivers from a system design viewpoint. Understand the receiver requirements and how to flow the requirements to circuit design level and back. A must for anyone involved in specifications, receiver design, RF circuit design, and microwave system development. The material applies to all types of receiver design, from commercial wireless designs to defense-related RF and microwave systems. An example receiver design will be followed throughout the course and includes hands on use of computer software to aid the development process. For a limited time only, we will provide a free copy of our SpurFinder and TunerHelper receiver design software programs ($258.00 value) to all course participants.

Instructor: Robert A. Wood

Course Outline

Seminar Materials Provided

Practical RF System Design by William F. Egan, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2003.

Comprehensive seminar notes

Who Should Attend

System engineers, RF and microwave circuit design engineers, scientists, and managers involved in design, specification or management of receiver development for defense or commercial wireless industries.

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Instructor Biography

Robert Wood has over 21 years experience in design, development, integration, and production programs for EW Systems. From 1979 to 1994, he worked at Martin Marietta (formerly GE Aerospace) in Utica, NY, where he has provided technical leadership for B-1, B-2, A-12, and F-22 EW programs. He has developed numerous analysis programs for RF and microwave system design. Most recently, Mr. Wood is president of R. A. Wood Associates, providing engineering consulting services for RF and microwave industries, both defense and commercial related. He received a BSEE from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in 1979 and an MSEE from Syracuse University in 1982.

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