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Phase Lock Loop and Frequency Synthesizers for Wireless Engineers

Course Overview

In this short course the fundamentals of analysis, design, and modeling of phase lock loops will be covered without intimidating mathematics. Phase noise and how it affects system performance, for both analog and digital modulation formats will be discussed. Phase lock loop frequency synthesis finds uses in a myriad of wireless applications - from local oscillators for receivers and transmitters to high performance RF test equipment. The various components that make up the phase lock loop design; including oscillators (crystal, voltage controlled), dividers, phase detectors will be examined and interaction among the various pieces will be discussed. Real world problems such as power supply noise, shielding, grounding and isolation will be covered throughout the course.

Instructor: To Be Annouced

Course Outline

Seminar Materials Provided

A comprehensive set of seminar notes is included

Who Should Attend

Synthesizer design engineers, System engineers, scientists, and managers involved in design, specification or management of frequency synthesizers for defense or commercial wireless industries.

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