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Thank you for choosing TunerHelper 2.5!

We are continually striving to improve this program. Please let us know what you think and any other comments and suggestions for improvement you may have.

Latest Version: 2.5.3

Changes in Version 2.5.3

Fixed several issues with the registration process affecting users with newer versions of Windows. Users upgrading to this version may need to re-register their software with us.

Changes in Version 2.5.2

Fixed a display error on the trial program screen.

Changes in Version 2.5.1

Fixed several issues with the registration process affecting Windows Vista and 7 users. Users upgrading to this version may need to re-register their software with us.

Changes in Version 2.5

Fixed a bug in the mixer model that identified and labeled signals from the images at the output of the mixer.

Changes in Version 2.4

Enhanced the registration process.

Changes in Version 2.3

Enhanced the registration process.

Changes in Version 2.2

This upgrade adds some minor interface improvements. The front panel buttons now work smoother, and the pre-selection and post-selection filter panels and controls now work better.

Changes in Version 2.1

Improved the registration process. You can now send payment by PayPal, WWW form, or E-mail. The user name and registration key are sent to us electronically, thereby making the registration process easier and less prone to error.

Changes in Version 2.0

- Increased max RF and LO order to 20, allowing spurious levels up to 20RX20L.

- Increases efficiency of program, calculates and generates spurs up to 50% faster.

- Added Cancel option to Filter and Mixer Dialog Boxes.

- Now saves 'Frequency Conversion Components' in scenerio files.

- Moved Save and Open Options to File Menu.

- Fixed carriage return problem when saving notes.

- Made graphical changes to User Interface.

Changes in Version 1.1.5:

- We fixed a bug in calculating spurious levels for 2RX0L, 3RX0L, 4RX0L, 5RX0L, 6RX0L, 7RX0L, 8RX0L, 9RX0L, 10RX0L spur products. These products were previously treated as "isolations", and did not decrease in dBc for lower input powers than the reference power in the mixer spur table. This has been corrected in Version 1.1.5. Now, if you decrease the mixer input level from the spur table reference level, the spur products above will be reduced according to their RF harmonic number.This was only a problem with the above listed spur products.

- The cursor locations and settings in the plots are now saved in the scenario files.

- We added ".mix" extensions for mixer files, ".flt" extensions for filters, and ".tsn" for TunerHelper scenario files. This makes finding data files easier. The files are still text files as in the previous versions.

- The mixer file name is now correctly stored and brought into the front panel and the mixer panel

- The registration window prints out to make registration process easier.

Changes in Version: 1.1.4:

- Updated TunerHelper to remember the location of the SpurFinder Executable correctly.

Changes in Version 1.1.3:

- A minor bug fix to clean up a possible glitch in the Registration screen. When a registration was cancelled, sometimes the program got hung up, and you would have to use CTL-ALT-DEL to stop the program.

Changes in Version 1.1.2:

- Updated the TunerHelper logo, and fixed some typos on the Define Mixer Panel

Changes in Version 1.1.1:

- Revised the "Define Preselection Filter" and "Define Post Selection Filter" panels to remove the cursor display, which improves the printout of the panel displays.

Changes in Version 1.1:

- Added the capability to dynamically switch to SpurFinder, using the TunerHelper parameters in SpurFinder

- Improved the Input Pre-Selection Filter user interface

- Improved the Output Post Selection Filter user interface

- Improved the Mixer user interface, changing terms as appropriate, depending on whether the mixer is used as a Down Converter or as an Up Converter.

Changes in Version 1.03:

- Improved registration process.

- Improved Gain Compression calculation in the Mixer.

Changes in Version 1.02:

- Improved Graphics and Logo for better printing and viewing on the screen.

- Improved error handling when loading and saving scenario files, mixer files, and input and output filter files.

- Added a warning light to indicate when the mixer signal is going into gain compression.

Changes in Version 1.01:

- Removed 2 numbers that showed up on the right hand side of the display.

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