Friday, February 01, 2008

RF and Microwave Course Schedule for 2008 Available

We have published our RF and Microwave course schedule for 2008! We appreciate your patience in waiting for us the set up these courses.

We're offering the following courses:

  • Introductory RF and Microwaves
  • RF and Microwave Receiver Design
  • RF Power Amplifiers, Classes A-S: How the Circuits Operate, How to Design Them, and When to Use Each

The dates and locations are:

  • April 2008 in Baltimore, MD
  • June 2008 in Boston MA
  • September 2008 in Syracuse, NY
  • November 2008 in Philadelphia, PA

Please visit our www page for more details

We've added some new improvements to some of these courses:

Introductory RF and Microwaves New Features

We've extended this course to a third day, providing a day of hands-on test and measurements exercises We've added examples of common RF measurements emphasizing the advantages and disadvantages of working with the following microwave test setups:

  1. Spectral Measurement Setup with signal generators and spectrum analyzer
  2. Scalar/Network Analyzer Setup
  3. Power Meter Setup

Since we've added this new section, people have told us that this really helps solidify the concepts presented in the course notes. People who haven't had a chance to work with microwave devices and test equipment obtain a better understanding of the world of RF and Microwaves.

RF and Microwave Receiver Design New Features

We've added and additional 1/2 day to this course, with more hands-on examples of using software to perform receiver design tasks. This enhances our Receiver Design Problem we follow throughout the course.

We look forward to seeing you at one of these courses! Bob Wood

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