Monday, December 20, 2010

2nd Test Station Delivered to NAVSEA NSWC

We designed and built a 2nd (different) Automated RF Test Station for NAVSEA NSWC, which was delivered to Crane, Indiana. This Test Station contains many state of the art features and equipment, including:
  • Tektronix RSA6120A Real Time Spectrum Analyzer
  • An R. A. Wood Associates custom designed Test Set Load Box, capable of handling 50W loads
  • Rack mount computer, keyboard, and monitor with digital I/O, GPIB interfaces
  • A PXI chassis with fiber optic interface, digital I/O, serial interfaces, temperature monitors, and GPIB interface
  • LabVIEW Software utilities to support setting up the Real Time Spectrum Analyzer, retrieving information from the Real Time Spectrum Analyzer, controlling the Test Set Load Box, and controlling other measurement equipment in the Test Station
The customer wanted this delivered before the holiday, so we rented a delivery truck and spent several days driving it out and setting it up for the customer at their facility. They were very pleased with our commitment to deliver the station on time!