Wednesday, April 15, 2015

R. A. Wood Associates receives contract to build 8X8 microwave switch matrices

We received an order to design and build QTY 3 8X8 microwave switch matrices. The unit allows 8 RF/microwave inputs to be routed to any of 8 RF/microwave output ports. In another viewpoint, each of 8 RF/microwave output ports can select any of 8 RF/microwave input ports for down stream processing. The design includes:

  • custom designed 8-way power dividers (covering a 4:1 bandwidth),
  • a low band Up Converter,
  • an AC/DC power supply,
  • LVDS interface,
  • RF amplifiers on inputs and outputs,
  • custom design equalizers for slope correction,
  • FPGA board for control and status (Built in Test) monitoring

The entire assembly is housed in a 2U rack mount assembly, saving precious rack space. The full frequency coverage is 0.5 to 18 GHz. The first unit will be delivered in September 2015.