Thursday, June 15, 2006

New Version 1.3f of RFPathAnalysisToolkit Available

Hello Everybody!

We've just uploaded a new version 1.3f of RF Path Analysis Toolkit. This new version contains several minor fixes and several new features:

  • Excel messages (save file before closing. etc.) are now displayed after RF Path Analysis Toolkit is closed. Excel messages are suppressed while RF Path Analysis Toolkit is running. Previously when RF Path Analysis Toolkit was closed, Excel messages were still being suppressed causing updated Excel files to possibly not be saved (no warning to save file before closing).
  • You can now include a custom description to the Simple Transmission Line component. This allows the user to create quick RF parts (cables, pads, equalizers, etc) and label them without having to take time to add components to the RF Component Library. The custom description information is saved in the RF Path file.
  • The registration process has been modified. Hopefully it is simpler and more robust.
  • The Template Analysis Spreadsheet and the RF Component Library have been modified slightly to make custom changes to these files easier to implement:
    • Custom changes to the library (such as more parameters) are more robust. The database grows as more columns are added.
    • Custom changes to the Template Analysis Spreadsheet are simpler. A new button on the Settings panel will create an unprotected Template Analysis Spreadsheet for customizing (for registered users).
  • The "About" screen now shows the RF Path Analysis Toolkit logo and software version number
The software can be downloaded for our Software Products Page. Give it a try and let us know what you think! Bob Wood
Posted by Bob Wood at 12:33 AM
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