Saturday, October 31, 2020

Our 2nd Facility Expansion is Almost Complete!

Our 2nd Addition (225' X 60', 13,500 Sq Ft) to our building is almost complete. This will give us a total of 31,000 Sq Ft of engineerring and manufacturing space, allowing us to design, manufacture, and deliver more microwave products to our customers!
Front View (addition added to the rear of the building)
Rear View and Solar Panels
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Thursday, October 01, 2020

14 X 12 Microwave Switch Matrix / Up Converter Delivered

We just delivered our 1st 14 X 12 Microwave Switch Matrix / Up Converter (RCT0060). This unit allows 14 microwave inputs to be switched to any of 12 Microwave outputs. This was an extremely challenging design, with custom designed 12-Way power dividers, our own RCT0050 WB Amplifiers, custom designed SP2T Switches, and custom designed WB Digital Attenuator/Amplifiers. The whole unit is made to fit in a 3U rack mount location. Congrats to our great mechanical and electrical design, and integration and test team for developing this successful design!
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