Friday, September 15, 2006

New Integrated RF Test Rack Designed and Delivered

On September 15 2006, R. A. Wood Associates delivered the first two of 15 complete Integrated RF Test Racks. The Integrated RF Test Rack provided a complete solution for complete automated testing of 7 RF/Digital modules. All equipment was controlled through GPIB interfaces. All automated test software was written in National Instruments LabVIEW by R. A. Wood Associates. RFSpecTest was used in "script" mode to perform most of the RF measurements. The rack consisted of:

  • 2 Signal Generators (one for RF signals, one for LO signals)
  • 1 Spectrum Analyzer (for measuring RF signal amplitudes and frequencies)
  • 1 Multimeter (for monitoring resistances and voltages at various points on the modules)
  • 3 Power Supplies (for providing DC power to the modules under test)
  • A rack mount PC with GPIB and Digital I/O cards, loaded with software for controlling test equipment and reporting test results
  • A rack mount interruptible power supply (UPS)
  • R. A. Wood Associates Automated RF Test Fixture
  • Laser Bar Code Reader (for reading and automatic entry of module serial numbers)
  • A 19" Flat Panel Display (mounted on movable monitor arm)
  • Keyboard and Mouse in a slide-out ergonomic tray

The full rack was designed to be a comfortable testing environment, as well as easy to maintain. Equipment is easy to remove if needed with minimal interference to other equipment.

More information about the Integrated RF Test Rack is available from this link.

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