Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Extreme BW RF Amplifier extended to 3 GHz for Direct Laser Modulation Application

We've extended the frequency range of our extreme BW RF Amplifier from 5 KHz to the upper end of 3 GHz. We customized the input equalizer to create a very flat gain response across the entire band. This amplfier was used for a direct laser modulation application. The measured performance was:
  • Average Gain: 16.31 dB
  • Slope: 0.53 dB
  • P-P Flatness: 0.83 dB
  • Min Gain(Low Freq): 15.30 dB
  • Max Input Return Loss: -13.02 dB
  • Max Output Return Loss: -9.99 dB
  • Average 1 dB Output Comp Point: 20.7 dBm
  • Min 1dB Output Comp Point: 19.97 dBm
  • Noise Figure at Low Freq: ~12.8 dB
  • Noise Figure at High Freq: ~ 5.77 dB

More information is available from our Extreme BW RF Amplifier page. Let us know if you are interested in this product line! Bob Wood.

Posted by Bob Wood at 2:07 PM
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