Wednesday, September 12, 2007

EW Receiver Simulator designed, built, tested, and delivered

'We just delivered an EW Receiver Simulator to one of our customers. The simulator provided the simulated RF and microwave front end performance of an EW (Early Warning) Receiver subsystem. Our simulator allows the EW Receiver/Processor to be evaluated without requiring the actual front end system. The simulator was designed to match the system front end noise figure, gain, and dynamic range. This also represents a new modular and mechanical design for us.

A block diagram of one channel of the EW Receiver Simulator is shown below:

EW Receiver Simulator Diagram

Some pictures of the EW Receiver Simulator are shown below. The box is built to be used as bench-top equipment or as a 3U rack-mount installation. This is the first design of our standard rack-mount chassis, capable of supporting up to 16 plug-in modules (1 inch standard width). Cooling air is pulled from front to back, and the modules are thermally clamped (with Calmark Clamps) to the top and bottom of the chassis.

EW Receiver Simulator Pciture   EW Receiver simulator Picture

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