Thursday, May 15, 2003

New Software Program Painless Extraction Version 1.3e now available

We have released a new version of Painless Extraction. New features include:
  • The capability to extract S-parameters from Agilent (HP) 8510, 8720 and 8753 Network Analyzers!
  • The capability to load and save files in ".S2P" (Touchstone) format
  • Improved and simplified user interface
  • A great way to view S2P files!
Painless Extraction will allow users to extract S-parameters from Network Analyzers, and save the data into S2P files. S-parameters can be retrieved from the Network Analyzer or from saved S2P data files for data analysis. Data analysis is performed on the selected S-parameters, providing statistics such as average, min, max, RMS, standard deviation, P-P flatness, best fit line (BFL) curve fit, slope of BFL, P-P variation from BFL, and more. The current program works for Agilent 8720, 8510, and 8753 models. A must for anyone using a Network Analyzer!
Posted by Bob Wood at 3:48 AM
Edited on: Monday, October 07, 2013 7:57 PM
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