Saturday, August 01, 1998

IF Receiver/Digitizer

Engineering Consulting Examples: IF Receiver/Digitizer

Software was developed to retrieve the binary data from a IF Receiver/Digitizer board. The board design utilized a 10 MHz A/D converter to sample the IF signal. A Logic Analyzer attached to the board captured the digital data from the IF Receiver/Digitizer board. The computer used an IEEE-488 interface to connect to the Logic Analyzer and retrieve the values. After the binary data was retrieved, converted, and stored in an array, the data could be graphed and analyzed. The arrays were converted to a series of voltage values of the incoming signal. The voltages were plotted and then recorded. The data was then used in signal frequency and noise analysis. The Fast Fourier Tranform was used to determine the spectral content of the sampled signals. The FFT of the digital signal could then be compared to the Power Spectrum Analyzer data of the analog signal. The software was developed using National Instruments LabVIEW graphical programming language. The measured data could be stored to a data file to record that particular test.

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