Friday, June 22, 2007

Painless Extraction NF (Noise Figure) just Released!

Do you have one of the classic HP/Agilent HP8970A or HP8970B noise figure meters, but have no way to extract data electronically from the test equipment? Are you tired of outputting data to plotters, or scrolling through the frequencies to determine what the measured noise figures are?

We've just released a new program, Painless Extraction NF, which was developed to retrieve measured gain and noise figure data from the HP8970 series Noise Figure Meter. All you need is a PC GPIB card, or a USB to GPIB connection, and you can connect your laptop or PC up to the noise figure meter, retrieve the measurements, and analyze the results.

Some of the features of this new program are:

  • You can enter an ENR table into the program, and send the ENR table to the noise figure meter. You can also save and load ENR table files
  • One button to "Get Data" from the noise figure meter
  • Once the measurements are retrieved, statistical analysis can be performed over any frequency range of measurements. Statisitics include Average, Min, Max, P-P Variation, Best Fit Line Slope, RMS, Standard Deviation, and others.
  • The measured noise figure and gain data can be saved to a data file, which can then be loaded and analyzed using the program. Data is also stored in S2P format for importing noise figure readings into S2P data files for the measured devices
  • A test script can be easily defined with frequency ranges and limits. The PASS/FAIL results of the test script can be saved to data files. This is very useful for high volume or "production" testing. An example script might include several tests, such as:
    • Is the minimum gain over 300-900 MHz > 20 dB? (Pass/Fail)
    • Is the maximum gain over 300-900 MHz < 25 dB? (Pass/Fail)
    • Is the maximum noise figure over 500-900 MHz < 5 dB? (Pass/Fail)

For more information, visit our Software Products page. A demo version can be downloaded and you can try out the features of this program. Give it a try, and let us know what you think! Bob Wood

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