Saturday, October 31, 2009

LB Modules SN #10 and 11 Ready for Delivery!

Our 10th and 11th LB RF modules, containing our Extreme BW RF amplifiers, have been built, and tested, ready for delivery to our customer.

These modules will be used in our customer's systems, which will be installed on board Navy vessels.

LB RF Module SN 11
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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

SpurFinder 3.5.2 Update Released

Spurfinder Cont/Single Run Button We've updated SpurFinder to version 3.5.2. This update fixed a user interface bug: When the program was initially opened, the "Continuous Run/Single Run" selector was hidden from the user interface. This selector didn't reappear until the user opened a "Multi Scenario Script File" from the file menu, and then closed the file. This may have caused some confusion in using the program, which we apologize for. The update is free and can be obtained by downloading the SpurFinder installation files from our Software Download Page. Previously registered software will still be registered during the installation.
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Monday, October 05, 2009

ESSU SN3 Delivered

We've delivered the third Electronics Support Switching Uint (ESSU) for one of our customers (ahead of schedule!). This was another set of hardware slated to to be installed on a Navy Vessel. The ESSU is shown here with the cover removed, looking from the back. All RF components are mounted on both sides of a center RF plate. Shown are RF amplfiers, equalizers, attenuators, RF switches, cabling, FPGA card, and rear connectors (21 RF connectors, 12 video/75 ohm connectors, Audio, Power).

For additional information, please visit our ESSU information page.

ESSU SN3 with Cover off  
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